The Pirate101 VisionTek Galleon

visiontekSeptember 12, 2013

Did you know there’s a VisionTek Galleon? Well there is! The Kings of Pirate101 teamed up with VisionTek Products to make a special offer for a new pirate ship, the VisionTek Galleon.

Check the September Tradewinds Tribune for information. And visit the official announcement made on the 12th on VisionTek’s Facebook Page.

To qualify for the Pirate101 Game Add-on Offer (that’s the ship), a VisionTek Radeon™ HD 7750, HD 6670, HD 6570, HD 6450 graphics card must be purchased from VisionTek or authorized VisionTek resellers by December 31, 2013 or when the supply of key codes is exhausted. There is a limit of one free key code, per person, per eligible product purchased.

By redeeming the VisionTek provided key code, gamers receive access to downloading a uniquely themed VisionTek pirate ship with superior performance and abilities compared to other game pirate ships; as well as receive 5000 crowns (a $10 cash value) for premium zone access and merchandise purchases.

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