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Get Your Spooktacular Companions!

dr-noh-wHurry Before They’re Gone!

We received word from One-Eyed Jack today about some special news from the Crown Shop! Seems the Royals as the Isle of Kings has sent word to run a special to celebrate the Spookiest time of the year!

Now through November 3rd 2013, save 50% OFF on select spooky Companions in the Crown Shop!

Add some terror to your Crew and scare your enemies with a spooky Companion! You’ll find these folks in the Crown Shop! Check ’em out before they’re gone!!

  • S.M. Arson
  • Martin Valvida
  • Moresco de Valvida
  • Doctor Noh
  • Bat Masterson
  • Bones McGee
  • Jim Masterson
  • Helephant
  • Skyfire
  • Ghost Singer

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Quest Journal #7 – Port Regal

pregalThe Marleybone Colony

Welcome to the Port Regal Skyway! This is a colony of the canine clan from Marleybone. Dogs, foxes and a like make the colony their home. It’s a skyway linked to from the Tradewinds Skyway. It’s not a stormgate world. It is  protected however, by a lighthouse island near the Scurvy Dog Hideout.

To get here, you’ll need to complete quests in Cool Ranch that send you off to look for Carolina/Mustang Sally. In that quest, you’ll end up traveling to the Scurvy Dog Hideout where you’ll eventually meet up with Captain Dan in the Temple Hideout. He’ll help you gain access through the guarded gate and allow you to Journey to Port Regal.

As you head over to the lighthouse in the Tradewinds Skyway, you don’t actually dock at the island. As you approach, the Inspector will send a message while you’re aboard ship saying “Here now, you’ve captured the Brass Monkey? Well done! Take this little monkey to the Governor in Port Regal for his just desserts”.

With that you’ll sail right on through the Skyway border and enter the Port Regal Skyway!  Welcome to the Marleybone Colony.  Continue reading

Quest Journal #6 – Journey To Port Regal

marleybone-pirateThe Adventures Of The Scurvy Dogs

There are two parts to Cool Ranch the way I see it. Both are pretty long and involved. Cool Ranch – Part I ends when you take on the Duck of Death and defeat him. That gets you closer to a missing map piece held by Captain Blood. But for now you’ll be sent back to Skull Island for a bit where you’ll work on getting to Port Regal.

As an FYI, you still need to go through the Tumbleweed and Haunted Skyways in Cool Ranch. But you haven’t received a quest to do that yet. Don’t worry. You’ll get there.

In Cool Ranch you spoke to Don Rafael who told you he had information. But he couldn’t give it to you until you completed a favor fwor him. To reunite his adopted son Don Rodrigo with Rafael’s daughter Carolina. You know her as Mustang Sally. It’s been a long time since you’ve seen Sally in Flotsam however. So you’ll need to head back to the Flotsam Skyway and talk to One-Eyed Jack. Continue reading

New VisionTek Galleons

The Sapphire Ship

The Sapphire Ship

New Partner Ships

On September 12, 2013, KingsIsle announced they’ve partnered with VisionTek AMD to offer new ships in the Spiral!

The first ship we saw was the VisionTek Galleon. Now check out four more new ships for the Pirate101 Skyways from this great partnership!

For a limited time only, you can get one of these free exclusive Pirate101 ships with select graphics offerings from AMD. Come check out the Sapphire, TUL, Club3D, and Diamond Galleons on Pirate’s AMD Ships information page!

More ships will be introduced throughout the following months, and we will update this page with new ships as they become available.

All ships have the same stats, just a different look based around the video card branding.

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Pirate101 Birth-o-Ween Grand Prize Winners! ☠


Happy Birthday to Pirate101
And Happy Halloween To Everyone!!

Congratulations To Our Grand Prize Winners!

Our Birth-o-Ween Contest Celebration comes to end as we pull two winners for tonight’s final contest!

Tonight’s winners received a game code good for the Grand Prize: Captain Blood’s Jacket, Captain Blood’s Hook, and 10,000 Crowns!!

We want to thank everyone who took part in our weekend contests! We hope you had a little fun and maybe even learned a little bit along the way.

And of course we want to send a big thank you to One-Eyed Jack and all the royals at KingsIsle for providing the game codes to help us all celebrate the first Birthday of Pirate101 and Halloween!

Now on with the answer to our trivia question and the two lucky winners! Continue reading

Pirate101 Birth-O-Ween Contest! ☠ Grand Prize Round!

Captain Blood

Captain Blood

Enter For Your Chance To Win Free Game Codes!

Are you ready Pirate101 Captains? We’re ending the weekend with the Birth-O-Ween Celebration Grand Prize Package!!

We have 2 codes to give away for Captain Blood’s Jacket, Captain Blood’s Hook, and 10,000 Crowns!!

Just think of what you could do with 10,000 crowns?
Maybe a new ship, an island home or outfit your current Pirate vessel!

Our trivia question this time is going to take you a little research, but come on me Hearties;  this is for the Grand Prize!

So here we go….. Continue reading