Archive | October 12, 2013

Captain Victoria Hobbes – Ships Log 416610.12

captnlog-vhobbes-ss2Questing News From The Spiral

It’s a wet and rainy day here in the eastern worlds of the Pirate Spiral. With 5 knot winds and a chilly 62ºF. 

Not a good day for sailing or being out on deck. So we’ve docked at Skull Island for a bit of rest. The ship is undergoing a few repairs from recent battles. And the crew has some much needed shore leave as well.

We’ve been traveling far and wide these past many moons. From Skull Island to the many skyways of Cool Ranch. While the crew is off the ship and it’s calm and quite, I’ve remained on board and decided to catch up with some paperwork. A Captain’s job is never done. Continue reading