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eMailTrying to Contact Us?

Our email service is down since the end of last week. If you’ve tried to email us here at the Portal, or for those with my personal email address, we’re not able to receive your messages.

We’re hoping service will be restored soon. Especially since we planned our Prize give-a-way for this weekend. We were planning on starting our first trivia contest tomorrow, but we may hold that off to make sure we’re back up and running. Though we are considering the use of a temporary email account.

Stay tuned. We’re told things are in progress.

~~~~~~~~~ Pirate Updated:

Ugh..we decided to create a new email account especially for our blog!

Here’s a little plug: We host our blog at I love this place, but one thing it doesn’t have is email service. So no for us. To make things easy, we decided to call on for help. From now on, you’ll be able to reach us at!

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