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Pirate101 Birth-O-Ween Contest! ☠ Grand Prize Round!

Captain Blood

Captain Blood

Enter For Your Chance To Win Free Game Codes!

Are you ready Pirate101 Captains? We’re ending the weekend with the Birth-O-Ween Celebration Grand Prize Package!!

We have 2 codes to give away for Captain Blood’s Jacket, Captain Blood’s Hook, and 10,000 Crowns!!

Just think of what you could do with 10,000 crowns?
Maybe a new ship, an island home or outfit your current Pirate vessel!

Our trivia question this time is going to take you a little research, but come on me Hearties;  this is for the Grand Prize!

So here we go….. Continue reading

Birth-O-Ween Contest Round 3 Winners!! ☠

shipsbellCongratulations To Our Prize Winners!

Once again we arrive at 6-bells and time to announce our next round of Game Code Prize Winners. It’s Round 3 of Pirate101’s Birth-O-Ween celebration!!

We have 3 codes from our Second Prize Package. Winners receive Captain Blood’s Hook and 5,000 Crowns!

Our Trivia Contest Question was:

When you enter the Pirate Spiral, the first place you go is Skull Island. There you’ll be sent to meet Captain Avery. Who is the very next person you meet?

The answer is: Chief Gunner Rigby Continue reading