Quest Journal #7 – Port Regal

pregalThe Marleybone Colony

Welcome to the Port Regal Skyway! This is a colony of the canine clan from Marleybone. Dogs, foxes and a like make the colony their home. It’s a skyway linked to from the Tradewinds Skyway. It’s not a stormgate world. It is  protected however, by a lighthouse island near the Scurvy Dog Hideout.

To get here, you’ll need to complete quests in Cool Ranch that send you off to look for Carolina/Mustang Sally. In that quest, you’ll end up traveling to the Scurvy Dog Hideout where you’ll eventually meet up with Captain Dan in the Temple Hideout. He’ll help you gain access through the guarded gate and allow you to Journey to Port Regal.

As you head over to the lighthouse in the Tradewinds Skyway, you don’t actually dock at the island. As you approach, the Inspector will send a message while you’re aboard ship saying “Here now, you’ve captured the Brass Monkey? Well done! Take this little monkey to the Governor in Port Regal for his just desserts”.

With that you’ll sail right on through the Skyway border and enter the Port Regal Skyway!  Welcome to the Marleybone Colony. 

Port Regal Skyway
Your first stop will be Port Regal itself where you’ll need to find the Colony’s Governor and deliver the Brass Monkey. Sail on over to the island, but watch out for the foes who surround the island.


Port Regal Docks
As with most places, you’ll tie up at the Docks.


Port Regal Town
Now before you run off to the township, make sure you check the area outside the town walls. You’ll find Captain Joshua Leigh who has a task he needs your help with.


Onto the Governor’s Office. Stanley will take charge of the Brass Monkey, who of course will threaten you. He’s a bit of a blowhard after all. Stanley welcomes you and gives you a reward for your good deed as he tells you a little about himself. He was in the Queens Army and wasn’t a sailor like you. I guess even land-lubbers are needed from time to time. He tells you of his great interest in Archeology and asks if you’d venture to the tunnels under the Scurvy Dog Hideout and fetch him an ancient idol; a fabulous treasure, the golden Idol of Toloc.

Anyway one of the last things Captain Dan told you was that a guy here in Port Regal town, Gilbert; should have information about the location of Mustang Sally. While you head down to find him, make sure you run around town and visit the other folk who will have quests for you to do. There are quite a few who need your help.

You’ll find Gilbert in the G&S Savoy near the fruit stand in the center of town. Now Sullivan and Gilbert are merchants and their goods are not always legally obtained. But they are also a famous partnership that you may have heard of at one time. Gilbert & Sullivan wrote some of the greatest music for the stage. The most notable for the skyway would be The Pirates of Penzance. Consequently, Gilbert seems to only communicate in song.

Gilbert willingly sings to you about looking for Sally. While Sullivan offers you some employment while you’re looking. He explains that there’s a shipment of goods they were expecting, but that has not arrived. Seems their associate went to pick up the shipment in the sewers, but has not returned. If you find the shipment and return it to the Savoy, they’ll be happy to help you with locating Sally.

Port Regal Sewers
In the Sewers you’ll find Mr. Rackstraw alright. But he’s being held captive by some Crab Scavenger thugs. Dispatch the thugs and free Rackstraw. He’ll tell you he was making sure the shipment was ready for delivery when out of nowhere some bloke knocked him on the head.

He further explains that when he came to, the shipment was gone. He looked throughout the sewers, but hasn’t been able to find the shipment. Can you tell his bosses for him? After all they’re probably not real happy with their right now.

Sullivan explains that the shipment was eagerly awaited and it will not do to disappoint him. Considering the shipment was, well you know, stolen; they can’t go to the authorities. Once again they ask for your help to deliver a message to Captain Corcoran and inform him of the delay.

The Hope and Anchor Tavern
Corcoran is in the very crowded tavern around the corner from the Savoy.  But you should take the long way around so you can meet up with an old friend, Blind Mew.


Now Mew offers ye some information. Earlier in the day he heard noises coming from a nearby storm drain. It sounded like a fight, followed by the creaking of crates being carried away. Then he heard a clear Valencian accent that came from footfalls of steel horseshoes. Valencian steel. The dastardly villain must be a Valencian Unicorn! With Mew’s information in hand, run up to the Port Regal Tavern and chat with Captain Corcoran.

There will be some other tavern folk who need your help here as well. Chat with them while you’re here. But your primary interest is with Corcoran. He’ll tell you he delivered the goods as promised. Yes they were late, but he did deliver them. When you tell him they were stolen, he seems surprised and tells you it’s none of his business. When you share the information from Blind Mew, Corcoran says he knows who that Unicorn must be!


On your way out or on your way back from Scrimshaw you might as well take care of those extra missions you took on from the Port Regal town folk.

You should have several quests for battling the Monquista ships around the Port Regal Skyway, taking on some Skarakeets and picking up some Totems, Spirit Beads and Tribal Ink from the Water Moles on Parrot Island. It’s this last one you really need to plan for. But if you don’t have all the quests (there’s 3 to start with) for the Monquistans, go back to the town folk and find them. It’s a lot easier to take on the ships for 3 quests at the same time, than it is to have to face off the Monquistans 3 separate times.

Parrot Island
When you arrive on the Island you’ll notice the many Water Moles running around as if they’re waiting for a fight. Well of course they are. And you’ll have to take them on several times to pick up the items you’ve been sent here acquire.

The items you’re going to pick up are actually scattered around the island. In order to get them you must face the Water Moles in battle. But the problem is, you’ll be able to pick 1 set of beads, totems and ink; then you’ll have to fight again to pick up another set. Fight again to pick up another set and so on.  But there are a couple of tricks.

First make sure your potion bottles are full. Keep an eye on your health and use them as needed between battles. It might also be a wise idea to check with the vendors in Port Regal township to ensure you’ve picked up the best equipment for your pirate. Level up your crew as well.

After your battle run to the treasure items in the little pond as quickly as you can. After you’ve grabbed the rewarded loot from the treasure chests after your battle of course. If you’re very careful and stay to far side of the totem (away from the water mole standing in the pond) you should also be able to run to the sandy area near the grass-covered hill behind the pond. There you’ll find more treasure items that you might be able to pick up without getting into another battle.

Scrimshaw – Hole In The Wall Tavern
When you find Bill in the tavern he’ll tell you he’s fairly nervous talking about Nick Deadeye. But you’ll discover that Deadeye runs Scrimshaw. You’ll have to persuade him to tell you about the Valencian. If you’re fool enough to go looking for trouble, you’ll find Nick on the Pequod. That’s the shipwreck under the jaws of the whale.

Nick and his hoard are fairly easy to defeat. And you’ll learn that the Valencian is hiding on his ship in the Maelstrom of Malice.

port-malestromThe Maelstrom of Malice:
Iago’s ship the The Golden Horn is another Unsinkable vessel. Do a little ship to ship combat until you can board his ship and take him on face to face.

As a Valencian, he’s fairly tough. Concentrate your efforts on his crew and you can dispatch them pretty quickly. Then you and your crew can focus on Iago. The nice thing about Iago, once you’ve defeated him and his crew, it’s quite magnanimous about. You can grab the missing cargo and head on back to Port Regal.

While you’re out here in the skyway, you might as well take on the ships and fish you have quests for from the town folk. Not only can you pick up some nice coin, you can also gain some experience toward your next level. You’re going to need it. So don’t dilly dally about Pirate. Get to it.

When you return to Gilbert and Sullivan, they’ll give you the information about Sally they promised. Sullivan tells you “Sally came to these skies to free a prisoner from Fort Elena, but was captured and is now a prisoner there herself.” He further explains that she was working with a pirate friend of theirs and his ship is moored in a cave whose entrance looks like a monster. You’ll find the cave behind Port Regal and north of the Maelstrom of Malice.

catbeardSale through the mouth of the monster and you’ll discover a fairly large cavern with a lovely ship moored deep inside. There you will find Catbeard the Cat Captain.

He’s quite a character. After a little conversation, you learn that Ratbeard and Catbeard, um..know each other and they certainly don’t like each other. But you’ve made an impression on the Cat Captain with your deeds so far and he’s impressed with your adventures. Since your reputation has preceded you, Catbeard is more than willing to tell you the story of Sally’s capture.

You already know she was working for Gortez. She came to Port Regal to free a notorious prisoner, Napoleguin. Catbeard will share a little story about the penguin and his reputation, and why Gortez wants him freed.

Now to get into the Fort however, Catbeard wants a favor from you. Pick up some things to make his life in the cave a little more comfortable and he’ll help you get in the prison to get Sally. But you’ll also have to free Napoleguin.

Toloc Temple Idol
While you’re out and about in the skyway doing these deeds for Catbeard, complete some of the first quests you received here in Port Regal. There are several to take care of and some bring in fairly nice rewards. You’ll also want to complete the missions for Catbeard and the Governor’s Toloc Idol recovery.

To find the Idol of the Toloc Temple. That takes your journey back to the Scurvy Dog Hideout and the temple where Captain Dan can be found.

When you explain to him why you’ve returned, he will tell you about the idol.

Before you head into the tunnels make sure you also talk to Mr. Mansel standing near by. He’ll tell that you some of the Scurvy Dog crew went looking for treasure and no one has heard from them. So while you’re down there poking about, keep an eye out for some of the Dogs who might need your help. And don’t tell Captain Dan. Egads he’d have a complete fit if he knew how his crew broke discipline.

Mysterious Tunnels
The tunnels are a dungeon that will take about an hour to complete. So be prepared. Your first task will be to invoke the Totems. Be cautious and you should be able to do this without a fight. There are 3 totems to activate. The first one will open a doorway that gets you into the Temple itself.


Once you’re in the idol chamber, you’ll find two more totems that will lower the platform that the idol is sitting on. Once it’s level with you and your crew, you’ll be able to pick it up. Of course it’s not going to be that easy. Well, it is, but it’s not going to be easy getting it out of there.

As soon as you lower the idol and pick it up, the Aztecosaurs will arrive to stop you from leaving. If you’ve leveled up your Pirate and your crew, you shouldn’t have a big problem defeating the temple guardians and getting out. But don’t leave and head back to Port Regal yet. You still have to find and save the missing crew!

Save the Crew
The crew is pretty easy to find, talking to them will take a battle. That means more Aztecosaurs. Once you have defeated the guard, you’ll be able to free the crew and find out how to get everyone out of the tunnels from Mr. Layne.

The idols look more like altars to me and there are two you’ll have to destroy. At the first altar you’ll face off with Troggies. Fairly easy group of slimy critters.

The second altar however includes both Aztecosaur Mummies and an Aztecosaur Blood Lord. And he’s not so easily defeated.  Try to concentrate your fight on the minions to limit the damage they can do to you and your crew. Then you should be able to concentrate everyone on the Blood Lord and bring him down fairly easily.

With the crew saved and the idol in hand, head back to temple entrance and check in with Mr. Mansel. Pick up your reward and head on back to the Governor in Port Regal. Well done Pirate!

Check In With Catbeard
Before you head back to Port Regal, check in with Catbeard. Remember back in your adventure, you were talking with Catbeard about rescuing Sally and Napoleguin? You set out on your missions to pick up some things for the Cat Captain. Time to get those items to him and find out how he’s going to help you rescue Sally.

He’ll thank you for your efforts and true to his word, he’ll explain that Marleybone isn’t nearly angry enough to fulfill the plan Gortez has put into the works. To make matters worse, or better depending on your point of view, you should kidnap the Governor’s oldest daughter. She’s always sneaking around in search for adventure, so she’s more likely to want to help and come with you willingly. But she’s also heavily guarded in her chambers. He suggests you talk to Mr. Sullivan and Gilbert to find out how to get into the palace on Port Regal Isle.

toltecstatuePort Regal
Once you dock, go check in with Governor Stanley. He will be ever so grateful that you’ve recovered the idol. He’ll tell you “The Idol of Toloc! How ancient, how wondrous! It shall be the pride of my collection. And now for your reward…”. With your reward packed safely in your pockets, run over to G&S Savoy.
As usual Gilbert isn’t real helpful, but Sullivan will tell you the Governor’s daughter, Mabel, will be in the Governor’s Mansion. You’ll probably find her upstairs in her bedchamber. The best way into the palace is through the cellars and you’ll find a pathway there, behind the Governor’s office.

If you’ve run around Port Regal, you should have found the grassy pathway in the lane behind the Governor’s Office. If you still haven’t found it, run over to Elizabeth Parnell then head north up the hill into the lane of houses. On the right you’ll find a  break in the wall with a grassy area and a dirt path that runs up behind the buildings.

Governor’s Mansion
port-mabelThe secret entrance take you through the sewers. They’re like all the other sewers in Port Royal. You’ll have a battle to get in, and another to get out. Nothing major, you should be able to handle things easily. Once inside run upstairs to find Mabel. She’ll be waiting.

She has a warped sense of what’s about to happen to her,  but allow her the delusions. She’s lucky she’s being kidnapped by Pirates with integrity. Ratbeard drops the note that seemingly puts the blame on the Valencians and you all head back to the sewers to escape.

It’s not that easy of course. In the main hall of the mansion, you’ll have to face a contingent of guards to get back to the basement. Once you’ve won that battle, head downstairs.

One more battle and you’re home free. Take care of these guards and you’ll be able to sail back to Catbeard and deliver Mabel. He’s still not satisfied however. He’ll give you a quest to take on 10 Valencian ships. This isn’t an easy task. These ships are pretty powerful, so if you haven’t leveled up your ship and ship equipment, you’re going to have a hard time taking these guys on. So take time to check your equipment.

Before you leave Catbeard’s ship, you’ll also have a chance to pick up a new quest from Mr. Norrington. Make sure you take it. You’re to deliver a note to Avery in Skull Island. If you take the note, go back out to the skyway, you should be able to pop over to Skull Island, deliver the note and then pop right back to your ship.

Our Captains are working on the Valencian Ship quest. We’ll be back when we’re done with that.

More to come!

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