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Companion Promotion – Lucky Jack Russell

Lucky Jack Dog Privateer

Lucky Jack Dog Privateer

The Shipwrecked Dog Pirate Companion

If your parents were Shipwrecked, you’re old family friend rescued at the Presidio will be Lucky Jack Russell. He helps you recover the Spice and deliver it to the Frog Father. Then with the Frog Father’s blessing, he becomes a member of your crew. Lucky Jack is one of my favorite companions, so I’m excited it’s time for his first promotion.

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When you first meet Lucky Jack he is a Dog Pirate. You can learn much more about his abilities and skills from Pirate101 Central.

As you level up your companions they will occasionally reach epic promotion opportunities. Lucky Jack receives his first epic promotion when he is promoted to Level 21.

After you applied training points and he reaches this level, he’ll tell you he needs to speak with you. “Captain, I’ve just got a letter I think you should see. Let’s discuss this in a Tavern, shall we?”

In the Tavern he’ll tell you.. Continue reading