The New Empire Bundle

empire-bundle1Available at GameStop!

Do you like Eagles? Well now is your chance to be part of the grand world of Aquila!

The Kings of Isle have released a new game pack available at GameStop with lots of Aquila’esque items for your very own pirate!

Perhaps you want the new ship the most. Or how about a new home for your Captain and crew to lay down your sword and hoist a mug of yum! My favorite is the new Lady Centaur companion!

Head over to your nearest GameStop and pick up a pack while they’re still available!

Learn more on Pirate101Empire Bundle Prepaid Game Card. But there’s more…

And check out the new Empire Bundle introduction on YouTube too! You can learn about the new Battle Standards for use in combat by selected crewman. And see all the items in this exciting bundle pack in action!


The Empire Bundle Includes:

  • Emperor’s Villa
  • Imperial Galleon
  • Gladiator Outfit
  • Imperator’s Standard
  • Lady Centaur Companion
  • 1 Month Membership or 5,000 Crowns


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