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portersPlacing Teleporters At Home

Porters are a great item to have on your island home. Especially if you have one of the bigger islands. You can place a porter near your dock, and link its travel location near your front door. When you arrive with a new item to place in your house, you can run into the porter and you’ll automatically be ported to your house. It’s a great idea!

So here’s how it works. Firstly you should know that teleporters are one way travel gateways. You’ll be able to run into the porter wheel and teleport to another location. But you won’t be able to go back as there won’t be another porter wheel to enter.

Additionally placing the porter is a two step to this process. You will need to place the porter and then go to where you want it to send you to and mark that spot.

Captain Scarlet Hawkins owns a home on the Volcano Island. When she arrives on her dock, she can run straight into her teleporter. She’s then transported to the back of the island inside the open area of her house.


Set Your Transporter Entry and Destination Points

housingbtnStep one ~ Place the Destination:
When you arrive on your island home, go to the place you’d like to set as the “Destination” location. When you arrive, select the Decorate House Icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.

The pop-up housing decoration window will appear at the bottom of the screen. Click the teleporter item in the display list. In the image below, it’s the 2nd item displayed.

On the screen you’ll see a bluish white circled arrow. Place image where you’d like to set the destination location.

When you click your mouse, you’ll see a message that says “Transporter Destination Set”. If you don’t see that, you’ve done something wrong. Try it again.

Step two:
This is where you’ll set the porter itself. Go back to the docks, or where ever you want to set your transporter.

housing-porter2You’ll notice that when you look at the transporter in your housing list, it has a Green arrow over it. That means it’s ready for you to set the transporter entry point. Click on the transporter icon in the Decorate list, move it where you’d like it to be and click to drop it.

Now to test it out. Run into your porter and make sure it takes you to where you set the destination location.


Tada! Now if you want a way to get back and forth, you’ll have to buy a second teleporter to return. I don’t know about you, but I’m more interested in hurrying into the house to place my new items. Then I can leisurely run my way back to the docks and enjoy my island home.

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