Captain Victoria Bristol – Ships Log 416611.18

captnlog-vb-ggQuesting News From The Spiral

The crew and I continued our questing through Cool Ranch and specifically the Big Sky Skyway. We headed off to the Dusty Cave to meet with Bat Masterson and pick up some silver to take down the Duck of Death.

Of course that means doing a favor for a favor. Bat asked us to take care of some Bloodbats who have infested his mine. But we discovered a bit more was going on down there. There seems to be deeper dangers than what ole Bat thought.

Sure enough we encountered an old crazy miner, Old Bird Jenkins who was actually trying to train those bats to scare off Bat and his crew, so he could have the mine to himself. Say what?

We took care of him sure enough and picked up the silver we needed to make silver bullets for the Duck of Death. It was easy to track him down on Boot Hill. What was surprising was that Deacon was there and we arrived in time to thwart a plan by the Armada. It didn’t take my crew long to handle English Bill. I don’t think we can call him the Duck of Death anymore, because he certainly didn’t live up to that name.

With Bill taken care of we were off to get information from the soul of Don Rafael. That took a long time and with considerable effort I might add. Before he’ll tell us what we need to know, we …of course.. have to do a favor for him first. We have to reunite his daughter with his adopted son. I hate these messy mushy touchy feelly love story quests. At least this one involves someone we know, Mustang Sally.

We headed to the Skull Island Skyways and picked up some information about Sally. That lead us to the Scurvy Dog Hideout and even more running around. Which lead us back to Skull Island and Jonah town to the Frogfather. Seems he’s having problems with the Rat Pack trying to move in on his dealings. We handled them straight away. Now the Frogfather owes ME a favor!

Between the silver mine incident and the favor for the FrogFather we picked up two new crew mates. Bob Dillon a Chicken Miner and Tricky Vinny a Frog Pirate.

They’ve come in pretty handy so far. We finally finished our mission in Jonah town and headed back to the Scurvy Dog Hideout to meet up with Captain Dan and some supplies he sent us to fetch in Monquista. He told us how we could get through the blockade into Port Regal. All we needed to do was pick up a Monquistan Captain who was in high demand from the Marleybone Navy. Count Brass also known as the Brass Monkey was easily defeated by my grand crew. And we were off to deliver him to the Marleybone Governor in Port Regal.

A Small Crew Contingent from the Glowing Ghost A Short Liberty Leave in Port Regal

A Small Crew Contingent from the Glowing Ghost
On A Short Liberty Leave in Port Regal

The crew and I have arrived in Port Regal and we’re taking a little respite before we continue our travels through this new skyway!

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