Pirate Winter Contest Winners! – Round 3

PrinceYulefest2Congratulations To Our 3rd Round Prize Winners!

It’s time to announce our 3rd round Game Code Prize Winners!

We have 5 games codes to give out tonight. Each codes provides Prince Yulefest Companion + 2.5k Crowns

To qualify for one of our codes, you had to send us the answer to our Pirate trivia question. You didn’t have to have access to this world in the game to know the answer.

We actually have the answer here on A Pirate’s Portal in our Quest Journal #7 – Port Regal.

So here’s the question and answer:

Our Prize Contest Trivia Question

In The Pirate Spiral You’ll Find The Land of Port Regal
In town you meet the owners of the G&S Savoy shop.
These two characters are based on two real life people.
Name the real people and what they’re famous for.

And the Answer Is:

 Sir William Schwenck Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan

201312-GSGilbert and Sullivan refers to the Victorian-era theatrical partnership of the librettist W. S. Gilbert (1836–1911) and the composer Arthur Sullivan (1842–1900). The two men collaborated on fourteen comic operas between 1871 and 1896.

Gilbert, who wrote the words, created fanciful “topsy-turvy” worlds for these operas where each absurdity is taken to its logical conclusion—fairies rub elbows with British lords, flirting is a capital offense, gondoliers ascend to the monarchy, and pirates turn out to be noblemen who have gone wrong.

Sullivan, six years Gilbert’s junior, composed the music, contributing memorable melodies that could convey both humor and sorrow.

Their operas have enjoyed broad and enduring international success and are still performed frequently throughout the English-speaking world.  And they reached critical and financial success with many of their 14 operas, but their best known shows have been H.M.S. Pinafore, The Pirates of Penzance and The Mikado.


We had 32 entries and of those 31provided the correct information. The 3 of us here at the Portal picked our numbers; we counted through the emails as  were received and those were our winners. We picked numbers 2, 7, 13, 17, and 23.

Congratulations to our 5 Captains Who Submitted The Correct Answers!!
We’ve sent you an email with your game code and instructions for how to redeem the code online.
If you don’t receive the email or have problems, please let us know.

Our Prize Winners
Captain Loyal Sean
Captain Samuel Templeton
Captain Autumn
Captain Evelyn Neels
Captain Angel Underwood
Our Own Captain Aedan
Also Picked Up The Prince

We hope you’ll send us a picture of your captain with your new prize so we can post it here on the Portal’s winner page!

Thanks to everyone for participating in our Pirate101 Winter Give Away contest. Follow our blog, or on Twitter @PiratesPortal for more announcements, news and contests from KingsIsle and Pirate101!

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