A New Contest To Celebrate Dueling Diego

2014-diegoEnter For Your Chance To Win

One-Eyed Jack sent us a message saying:
We have some fun news for you! Dueling Diego, the mini-game on Freekigames.com, now gives Pirate101 rewards instead of Wizard101 rewards!! Check out the Official Announcement!

And to celebrate, the Royals on the Kings Isle have sent us a basket of free game codes to give away to Pirate Fans the world over!

A few notes:

  • Unlike regular Dueling Diego codes, these won’t expire in 24 hours (in fact I’ve set them to not expire for a full year).
  • Each of these codes will redeem on the same loot table exactly as if you’ve won the top-tier of rewards (Tier 7).
  • Each code will give you 5000 gold pieces plus one redeemable item in your gift window in game.  If you’re lucky that could mean something as rare as five companion training tomes or a cool Marleybone housing item like a Statue of St. Hubert.

Beginning now, and ending at 7pm this evening you can Enter to Win one FREE game code!

All you have to do is send us an email!

Follow these instructions … make sure you read them carefully!

  1. Send us an email to: PiratesPortal@gmail.com
  2. If you copy/paste our email address, include in the subject line: 2014 Dueling Diego – Contest1
  3. Include your name (First name only)
  4. Your FULL in game pirate name. Ie: Captain Victoria Bristol
    Important Note:
    A lot of people are forgetting to include their FULL pirate name; entries that do not include your Pirate Captain’s FULL name will not be considered.

We’ll pull 3 random emails from all the entries we receive!! Only one entry per account.

We’ll cry out the lucky winners at 7 bells eastern time tomorrow January 31st.

If you are under the age of 13, remember to get your parents/guardians permission.

you’re able to receive email back from our email address – PiratesPortal@gmail.com.
We don’t want your winning notice to get lost in your spam folder!

We’ll email the winners by 9pm est. We’ll also post the winners by their Pirate’s name, here on the Portal. We’d also like to share a picture of your pirate with your new prize. So we hope you’ll send us a picture!

Good Luck Me Hearties!! Arrrgh! ☠

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