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The New Hoodoo Bundle!


The Hoodoo Bundle has all the items to give your Pirate a dark, spooky edge!

Up to Level 60 Gear Available  –
Want to save some powerful gear for your Pirate character when you’re at a higher level?

You can redeem the Hoodoo Bundle in-game items whenever you want. Use them now to give your character a boost or wait until you’re at a higher level – your choice!

The Hoodoo Bundle Includes

  • Ghostly Galleon
  • Mojo Monkey Companion
  • Conqueroo’s Outfit
  • Witchdoctor’s Lab Housing Add-On
  • Baron Samedi’s Battle Standard
  • 1 Month Membership or 5,000 Crowns

Check out the new HooDoo YouTube video:

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Dueling Diego Winners! ☠ – Round 2

diego4Congratulations To Our Prize Winners!

It’s that time! Time to announce our last round of Game Code Prize Winners to celebrate Dueling Diego, the mini-game on

Winners received a game code good for:
Each code will give you 5000 gold pieces plus one redeemable item in your gift window in game.  If you’re lucky that could mean something as rare as five companion training tomes or a cool Marleybone housing item like a Statue of St. Hubert.

All you had to do was send us an email with your first name and pirate’s name. We received 25 emails. We picked random numbers, counted through the emails as they were received and those were our winners.

Congratulations to our Captains

We’ve sent you an email with your game code and instructions for how to redeem the code online.
If you don’t receive the email or have problems, please let us know.

Our Prize Winners
Captain Lovely Angela Bristol
Who likes Mustang Sally
Captain David Everhart
Who likes Ridolfo Capoferro
Captain Careful Evelyn Neels
Who likes Mustang Sally

Captain Evan Silver
Who likes Mustang Sally

Thanks to everyone for participating in our first Give away of 2014. Follow our blog, or on Twitter @PiratesPortal for more announcements, news and contests from KingsIsle and Pirate101!

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