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We’re Still Here!

Aedan HawkinsBusy, Busy, Busy

We’re still here!! Over the past several months we’ve been overwhelmed with life, work, weather and egads we’ve barely had time to breath. And to play our favorite past-time Pirate101!

We haven’t had a lot of time to update the blog either. Which is rather disappointing as we love talking with others about the latest and greatest happenings in the Pirate Spiral.

I think we’re caught up on the latest news. So don’t miss our other new posts today!

Hopefully you’ve been following Pirate101 on Twitter though. Over the past few months there have been some exciting new offers from them. From free game codes, to helping Pirate101 make to the next round of the MMOBomb Ultimate F2P Showdown!

The KingsIsle community rallied behind Pirate101 to help it advance to the second round. Yeah Fans! The voting was tough in Round 3 and sadly Fans couldn’t get past its opponent. We’ll get ’em next time though!

Things are hopefully settling down a little bit here on the Portal and we’re scheduling time specifically for our playing and sailing. So stay tuned. The Spring promises to be an interesting season.

For now our Pirates are restless! It’s time to for me to head on back to Port Regal.


Last we left you, we were looking for Mr. Layne in the Mysterious Tunnels on the Scurvy Dog Hideout and the Temple of the Toloc. So let’s get crackin’ Matey!

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Bag-o-Gold Sale

bag-o-goldIn The Crown Shop

Don’t miss out on the Bag-o-Gold sale going on now in the Pirate101 Crown Shop! You could pick up a new Green Clover eye patch to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day!

Who doesn’t like rainbows and eye patches and kewl stuff from the green Isle?

Save up to 50% OFF the price of gold in the Pirate101 Crown Shop!

    You can use it for:

  • Amazing gear
  • Powerful ship upgrades
  • Purchase training tomes for Companions
  • And More!

But you have to hurry! The sale will end March 17th 2014 at 11:59pm US Central Time! Pick up your Bag-o-Gold today!

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Promoting The Creations!

combat2A Behind The Scenes Look

Have you seen the latest post on the KingsIsle Blog? It’s all about the many ways the Marketing Team supports and promotes the efforts of the Creative Team!

Not a lot of people can say that they brainstorm sales centered on panther mounts, piggles, and swashbuckling companions in Pirate crews“. ~ Behind the Scenes Look : The Making of Promotions

Did you know that your feedback is one of the biggest things the Marketing folks take into consideration when planning promotions? Of course current sales plays a role in figuring out what’s popular and what’s not. If players don’t like an item, it doesn’t make much sense to push it in hopes you’ll change your mind.

So what goes into creating the fun give-aways and sales events? Find out on the KI Blog.

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The Evolution of Combat

combatFrom Then To Now

Do you follow the KingsIsle Blog? You should! They give a great behind the scenes look at all the happenings at KingsIsle, with sneak peaks for upcoming enhancements and some inside stories about your favorite KI games!

Two recent articles covered the development of Pirate101’s combat structure.

One of the systems that reviewers feel stands out the most in Pirate101 is the combat.  Combat in Pirate101 has been described as “deceptively simple” and “really fun”, but it took years of iteration and changes to finally arrive at the experience that players have today.” ~ The Evolution of Pirate101 Combat Part 1 Continue reading