The Evolution of Combat

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Do you follow the KingsIsle Blog? You should! They give a great behind the scenes look at all the happenings at KingsIsle, with sneak peaks for upcoming enhancements and some inside stories about your favorite KI games!

Two recent articles covered the development of Pirate101’s combat structure.

One of the systems that reviewers feel stands out the most in Pirate101 is the combat.  Combat in Pirate101 has been described as “deceptively simple” and “really fun”, but it took years of iteration and changes to finally arrive at the experience that players have today.” ~ The Evolution of Pirate101 Combat Part 1

Check out the prototype that started it all and how the second iteration improved on that in Part 1. Then follow-up with Part 2 as KingsIsle Lead Software Engineer Josh Tigner explains, how frame action works and how Pirate101 combat has become what it is today.

We needed a way to present a unified view of the combat, and all the important information that gives players a sense of strategy. The answer was to create the first version of the Combat UI that is in use today.” ~ The Evolution of Pirate101 Combat Part II

Check them out and add your thoughts about combat. The folks at KI really do listen to your thoughts and ideas. You never know, one of your comments might make it into the game one day. You never know unless you speak type up your thoughts!

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