Companion Promotion – Bonnie Anne #2

Bonnie Anne - Fox Sniper

Bonnie Anne – Fox Sniper

The Fox Sniper –

Near the beginning of the game, every Pirate meets up with Bonnie Anne. She’s a great Fox and good Musketeer who lends a helping hand from the start of your questing through the spiral.

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As you level up your companions they will occasionally reach epic promotion opportunities. When you first meet Bonnie Anne she is a Fox Musketeer. Bonnie’s second epic promotion occurs when she is promoted to Level 31. At the end of this promotion quest, she becomes a Fox Sniper. You can learn much more about her abilities and skills at this level from Pirate101 Central.

After you applied training points and she reaches this level, she’ll tell you she needs to speak with you. Let’s go to a nearby Tavern so you can talk.

In the Tavern she’ll tell you “Captain – I’ve just got word from Mary, an old shipmate of mine, that my first Captain, Calico Jake, is looking for me – and you too. The letter says Jake needs to find me straight away for some kind of hush-hush job.”

This quest will require you to have access to Port Regal.

The Skull Island Skyway
Jump over to Skull Island and find Mary in the Kraken Tavern. Mary will be glad to see you and after a little chit chat, she’ll tell you that yes indeed Calico came looking for Bonnie and even asked for her by name. He wants you and Bonnie to meet up with him in Port Regal at a warehouse called “Universal Exports”. Seems some secret client named “Mr M.” has some business for you and your crew.

If you jumped to Skull Island from Port Regal, you should be able to jump right back. Otherwise, sail on over there and look for the warehouse!

Port Regal Town
You’ll find “Universal Exports” in the second lane of the shopping district on the left.

Jake seems a little surprised, but happy to see you and Bonnie. But he’s not the one who really wants to talk with you. Meet Mycroft Bones, “Mr. M”. As a typical politician, he does all the talking. He’ll tell you, “I am an official in the Secret Service of Her Majesty the Queen. As you know, recently tensions between Marleybone and Valencia have erupted into open warfare. The loss of Fort Elena was only the beginning.” he explains.

He’ll go on to say that the Armada is going to attack Skull Island and the battle will be lead by Kane’s First General, Rooke. And they, Mr. M and the Queen’s Secret Service, want to enlist your help to stop Rooke before that happens.

Get ready to do a lot of running around. So head off to Gullet and talk with Lucius.

Jonah Town – Gullet
Lucius will tell you that Bonnie needs a much better gun than what she has right now. And he’ll have to make it for her. But he needs two things from the skyway to do that. He’ll tell you to “Go take an Advanced Wheel-lock Rifle from an Armada Fusilier in Port Regal Skyway.”  He’s talking about taking a rifle off one of the Clockwork robots.

Then he’ll tell you “I’ve had a special Scope shipped all the way from Darkmoor. Catbeard should have it by now. Bring the Wheel-lock and Scope to me, quick as you can.”

Well what are you waiting for. Run off and do that stuff.

Port Regal Collection Service
You’re going to feel like a collection service alright. You’ll find the Armada ships to the west of Port Regal town. They’re not to easy to take down, but they’re not exceptionally hard either; as long as you’ve been upgrading your ship equipment. You may not pick up the Wheel-lock Rifle on your first try, so be ready for a few battles with the Armada.

When you have the rifle sail over to the Catspaw and meet up with Catbeard.
Well it might be smashing, but Catbeard doesn’t have the scope. Of course he says it’s not his fault, the scope is hung up in Puerto Mico with his supplier Diego Lancion. Sail over there to pick it up.

Now Diego is going to be glad to see you, he wants to get rid of this thing. Funny he doesn’t even know what it is, but he does know that he doesn’t want it anymore. When you take it off his hands, Monquistan guards who have been watching Lancion, will try to arrest you and take the scope. Battle time!

Free from the Monquistans, hurry back to Lucius in Gullet. He’ll fix up the rifle for Bonnie explain this is no ordinary rifle now.

He’ll suggest you go see an old friend in Cooper’s Roost to learn how to shoot this thing and to pick up some ammunition for it as well. So head on off to Cool Ranch and contact Quigley.

Cooper’s Roost
You’ll find Quigley on one of the lower cliff areas below town. If you remember running around and visiting the Merchant Shaman, he’ll be down there with him. When you find him, he’ll be impressed with Bonnie’s gun and give you some information for ammunition.

Sail over to Gold Creek, and head into the Wasps Cave behind the waterfall. The crate you’re looking for will be up in one of the caverns, and of course you’ll have to fight off a batch of Wasps to get it. Once you have the crate, sail back to Cooper’s Roost and talk to Quigley once more.

Quigley will then tell Bonnie, “Before you go use your new rifle, I want to give you some advice. Your gun won’t kick like a flintlock – it’s a whole different beast. Look out.” Now head on back to talk to Mr. M. and put this thing to good use.

Back in Port Regal
Meet up with Mr. M. back in the warehouse. There he’ll tell you that Jake and Rooke are meeting in Monte Royale, the old ruined castle over to the east of Parrot Island.

When you arrive, Jake will be waiting near the rear of the ruined castle. He’ll start to explain the plan when you suddenly have some unexpected visitors. It’s Kane, with his Armada Clockwork guards. Rut Roh!


…I Just Love This Battle Picture…

At first your mission is to defeat the Clockwork Marines. But as you get into the battle more and more Marines show up to take you and your crew into custody. When that happens, your mission will change. Run away to fight another day!! Head for the docks. If you focus on getting your Captain to the square marked with the yellow X, you’ll accomplish the mission and everyone will be able to escape.

Good Job! You’re almost done.

Head back to the warehouse in Port Regal town and give your report to Mr. M.. He’ll say “The entire operation was a trap? Someone must have betrayed Jake. Most unsettling – these clockworks are far cleverer than they look.” But then he adds something you might want to think about before taking another “government job”, “The faceless devils were using us to get to you, Anne! Or were you their real target, Captain?”

Well that IS unsettling. I think Kane is out to get you now. But at least you and your Crew escaped. I’m a little worried about what happened to Jake. Though no one else seems to have noticed he stayed back at the ruins to “hold ’em off” while you all escaped. Maybe we’ll find out more about him later. In the meantime, it’s time for Bonnie to Celebrate; so head over The Hope and Anchor Tavern.

The Hope and Anchor Tavern
Bonnie being the good sort of pirate she is, gives you her thanks and is ready to celebrate with her new gun.

And with that, she gets promoted to a Fox Sniper!


Epic Promotion Number Three:

Bonnie’s next promotion will come when she reaches level 57. At this level she will take the opportunity to become a Fox Highlander.

My Bonnie has a bit farther to go before she reaches this level. But as soon as she does, I’ll update her Quest page.

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