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A New Advanced Pet System

A Massively Exclusive

Did you hear the news? In an exclusive interview, Massively online magazine for Gamers helps to announce a new update to Pirate101 Pets!

When the new Pirate101 Test Realm opens, you’ll be able to check out a whole new Pet system, with a Great Petathelon, the introduction of Circus Maximus Pet Pavilion on Skull Island, new pets and more!


If you’re familiar with Wizard101’s Pet Pavilion, you’re in for a treat with Circus Maximus. There will be vendors, suppliers, a Morphing chamber and yes even a Pet battling arena for your loyal companions to test their skills against other Player’s Pets!

Check out the Massively article for more details. And don’t forget to stay tuned to Pirate101’s Tradewinds Tribune for game news and update information!

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