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Ready For Advanced Companions!

Miracle Mitch - Companion Healing Center

Miracle Mitch – Companion Healing Center

News from One-Eyed Jack!

If you thought yesterday’s article on Advanced Pets was interesting, don’t miss our Developer Journal on about Advanced Companions! Soon you’ll be putting your crew to work for you and bringing all new levels of strategy to your game–coming to a Test Realm soon!

One of the interesting changes:
Companions can now be wounded, and they must either wait until they are fully healed or be cured by Miracle Mitch, a new NPC in Avery’s Court to get back in action quickly, but for a price.

The new “healing center” is right next to the Buccaneer’s training house. Seems Avery has been busy building and reconstructing Avery’s Court over the winter! I think he’s getting ready for an Armada Invasion or something!

Check out the new features and changes at MMORPG for the Pirate101 Advanced Companions Incoming!

Can’t wait for the next Test Realm to open! Can you?!

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