Spring 2014 – Round 2 Pirate Contest Winners! ☠

Congratulations To Our Prize Winners!

It’s that time! Time to announce our Second Round of Game Code Prize Winners!

Winners received a game code good for:
The Witchdoctor’s Lab from the HooDoo Bundle


Our Second Trivia Question Is:

In Marleybone you receive a quest “Victory or Death”!
The quest is given by Admiral Doggett and sends you off to the HMS Victory
To Complete the The Battle of Trafalgar.
This quest is based on real events and the real life captain of Victory lost his life.
Name the real life Captain and what were his last words?

And the Answer Is:

Admiral Lord Nelson
“God and my country.”

From Wikipedia:
Twenty-seven British ships of the line led by Admiral Lord Nelson aboard the HMS Victory fought in The Battle of Trafalgar.

A musket bullet fired from the mizzentop of Redoutable struck Nelson in the left shoulder, passed through his spine at the sixth and seventh thoracic vertebrae, and lodged two inches below his right scapula in the muscles of his back. Nelson exclaimed, “They finally succeeded, I am dead.” He was carried below decks.

Surgeon William Beatty heard Nelson murmur, “Thank God I have done my duty”; when he returned, Nelson’s voice had faded and his pulse was very weak. He looked up as Beatty took his pulse, then closed his eyes. Nelson’s chaplain, Alexander Scott, who remained by Nelson as he died, recorded his last words as “God and my country.” It has been suggested by Nelson historian Craig Cabell that Nelson was actually reciting his own prayer as he fell into his death coma, as the words ‘God’ and ‘my country’ are closely linked therein. Nelson died at half-past four, three hours after being hit.

Congratulations to our Captains Who Submitted The Correct Answers!!
We’ve sent you an email with your game code and instructions for how to redeem the code online.
If you don’t receive the email or have problems, please let us know.

25 Pirate Captains submitted answers to our trivia question. Many selected Lord Nelson as the Captain/Admiral of the Victory, but selected “Thank God I have done my duty” as his last words.
Close, but not what we were looking for. Of the submissions 15, submitted the correct answer.
The 3 Captains here at the portal randomly selected these numbers,
4 6 8 14
we counted through the emails in the order they were received and those were our winners!

Our Prize Winners
Captain Semus Conner Silver
Captain Little Pilar Yellowfish
Captain Danielle Radcliffe
Captain Strong Liam Stuart

And Our Random 1.5k Game Code Winners Are:

Captain Hazel Mizzen

Captain Emily
Captain Fearless John
In full disclosure, we didn’t randomly
choose John by the numbers, but by his
answer. We couldn’t resist.
His answer was:
Admiral Horatio Nelson,
Last words where “Kiss me, Hardy”

We hope you’ll send us a picture of your captain with your new prize so we can post it here on the Portal’s winner page!

Thanks to everyone for participating in our Pirate101 contest. If you didn’t win tonight, stay tuned….we’ll be posting the Final Round of our Contest in a few minutes!

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