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It’s Pirate de Mayo!

patcho-de-mayoCelebrate With Style!

It’s that time of year again!! Check out the great sale in the Crown shop and pick up your new Patcho de Mayo eye patch.

One-Eyed Jack has been busy today!
We just received word about another party going on in the spiral this weekend. This time, it’s in the LIVE version of the Pirate101 Skyway.

Come celebrate Pirate de Mayo all weekend long!

Now through Monday, May 5th 2014 at 11:59 pm US Central Time, save up to 30% OFF Crowns prices on special Pirates de Mayo items! Pirates de Mayo is a grand holiday in Cool Ranch, and we’re celebrating with a fun sale, free Sombrero giveaway and a brand new Patcho de Mayo eye patch!

Don’t Miss the free Novilerro’s Hat

Enter the code “sombrero” before the end of the day on May 5th, 2014 to receive your free Novillero’s Hat! The Novillero’s Hat has that special festive sombrero look that proudly declares you as a Pirate De Mayo. Note this festive sombrero is level 20+, and even if you’re not level 20 yet, you can stitch it to an existing hat and get that Cool Ranch look while you’re still adventuring through Skull Island.

We’d love to see you and your friends showing off your Pirate look! Feel free to send your screenshots to Jack  and his crew at

Don’t miss out!

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It’s Friday – PARRR-TY TIME!

© 2013 A Pirates Portal; Springwolf, D.D., Ph.D. All Rights Reserved.News From The Pirate Spiral

Another bottle washed up on shore today from the Pirate101 Skyway. The note inside shared some exciting news.

One-Eyed Jack has invited us ALL to a special gathering party in the Test Realm! That’s right! It’s Friday and it’s Parrrty Time In The Pirate Spiral!

Here’s all the parrrticulars from Jack:

Pet Sparring Party In The Test Realm

Come join us for a party in the Test Realm tonight at 5:30 pm US Central as we test the new matching system. We need your support, and it’s going to be a lot of fun as well!

Who: All players who can download and play on the Pirate101 Test Realm. Download details here.
What: Pet Sparring!
Where: In Circus Maximus on the Pirate101 Test Realm.
When: 5:30pm US Central tonight (Friday, May 2, 2014)
Why: We’d love to hear your experiences! We’re encouraging you to test the matching system and give us your feedback on the Test Realm forums on afterwards.


  • Please come prepared to spar with other players’ pets! Try to come early and participate in 5 practice matches first as you must participate in 5 practice matches before you can spar with other players.
  • Avery’s Court Cam appearance at 6:00pm near Decius
  • In game broadcast announcements!
  • Free metal eye patch code broadcast during the event! Possibly more!
  • Stay as long as you’d like! We’ll be wrapping up around 6:15-6:30 pm, but we hope to see you there with your pets.

Thanks in advance for joining us if you can make it! We’ll be glad to see everyone there!!

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