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Round 3 Summer 2014 – Grand Prize Contest Winners!

Summer Time Celebration!

Summer Time Celebration!

Congratulations To Our Grand Prize Winners!

It’s that time! Time to announce our round of Game Code Prize Winners!

Winners received a game code good for:
A Clown Fish Pet  and 10,000 Crowns

This time we asked for everyone to put in a little extra effort and get creative! We set up some ground rules to follow:

Over in Aquila you’ll find Knossos, an island of  Minotaurs, a labyrinth and legends. Take a little time to read up on the real place of Knossos and its many myths. Then write a short tale and share your own legend of myth and adventure.

Your story had to be at least 3 paragraphs and no more than 5.  Here at the Portal, the three of us read them all. A number of them we read twice. And then it got hard. A few we read three times and we narrowed down the list again. And our winning stories are:

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