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Grand Prize Arrgust 2014 – Contest Winners!

pirate-gold/crownsCongratulations To Our Prize Winners!

It’s that time! Time to announce our round of Game Code Prize Winners for the 2014 Arrgust in the Spiral Celebrations!

Tonight’s Grand Prize contest received a game code good for:   10,000 Crowns.

Selecting tonight’s winner took a little more time than usual. But we made our selection and we’re happy to announce our winner!

Our Round 2 – Trivia Question!

In Mooshu you run into a whole lot of folks who claim
to be part of the Yakoozai. A band of thieves and generally
bad critters. But who claim to be nice, and act as peace keepers.
The head of their “family” is Oyabun Shingen who
is based on a comic book character.

Name the comic book character,
the comic book and what’s #1 difference between
the Pirate Oyabun Shingen and the Comic Book Character.

You must provide all 3 answers to be entered in the Grand Prize.
This isn’t meant to be easy. But if you pay attention to the clues; you can find the answers online.

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