Taking A Sabbatical

We’re Taking Some Time Off

A Pirate’s Portal was one of the first Fan Sites for Pirate101. We were so excited and couldn’t wait to share our views on KingsIsle’s new game.

But we’re taking a sabbatical for a little bit and we’ve sent a message to One-Eyed Jack to let him know what we’re up to. We’ll be part of the Archived Fan Sites. He also extended an invitation to return when we’re back. That was a very touching gesture and goes to show it’s not only the game we love; but the people behind the scenes too.

For now we want to say Thank You to everyone for visits, your kind comments and your participation in our contests. We wish you all blessings and wonderful travels through the Pirate101 Spiral.

Our Pirate Family Captain Aidean, Garrett and Victoria

Our Pirate Family
Captains Aidean, Garrett and Victoria

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