Zeke’s Quest: Find The Rolling Stones

Prospector Zeke Quest – Marleybone

Welcome to the Westminster Skyway, the land of Dogs…and a few cats, oh and the Foxes too. Marleybone is at war with the Armada and you will enter this skyway at night. It’s a dark and gloomy place as you’d expect a war torn place to be. But not to worry, you’ll have a lot to do here, so you won’t have time to take in the scenery.

When you first enter Westminster, you’ll be sent to the Isle of Dogs. As with other worlds, you’ll find another set of Zeke Quest items to discover.  Your initial quest should be sending you to the local Tavern. And that’s where you’ll find Zeke, sitting at a table. So talk to him before you run off.

Zeke will tell you why he came to Marleybone and that he’d appreciate your help in finding some Rolling Stones for his friend Jack Flash. ..yeah it’s cute. Wonder if Mick and the band know they’ve been immortalized in the Pirate Spiral.

As with most Zeke Quests, you must complete certain tasks in some areas in order to be given a quest to enter another area where you can hunt down the next king. So don’t think you can get the quest from Zeke and then set off to find the stones. You don’t want to have to repeat a dungeon, just to get to the stone.

X Marks The SpotBelow are the locations of the kings and a map for the area they’re in. Look for the X on the map. Well of course it’s an X, how else would you Mark The Spot for treasure in a Pirate world?

Finding The Rolling Stones
You’ll have 10 Rolling Stones to find. Keep checking your Zeke quest when you get to a new area to see if you’ll need to be on the look out for one in that location. In general the stones look white, like a large pearl. But some are hidden in dark or shaded locations. It’s easy to think you’ve found a stone, when all you’ve really found is the back of a skull laying in a strange location.

Isle of Dogs
At some point you’ll receive a quest to talk to Mr. Swidget, the solicitor for Catbeard. As you run up the hill toward his office, you’ll see a stack of crates sitting in front of a brick wall. The stone is tucked in a little alcove behind that wall.

Barkeley Square
The square is one of the more pleasant places in Marleybone. Once you enter the square, run to the far side where you’ll find the housing vendor. To your left of the vendor is a small hidden alley. You’ll find the stone at the end of that alley.

Isle of Dogs Sewers
When you enter the underground village, find the Snail and Newt Tavern. Run behind the tavern and you’ll find the stone laying on the stone floor, in the back left corner.

Red Fox’s Lair
Drop into the Lair and run to the first intersection of tunnels. To your right is a long dark tunnel. The stone is laying in the corner, on the right side of that tunnel. Don’t let the exit arrow on the map fool you. When you enter the lair, you’re coming in through a large pipe accessed through a sigil.

Invader Fortress Hold
When you enter the Fortress, you’ll have to battle Armada troops to get in. Then you’ll be sent to the Fortress Hold, down stairs through a sigil. If you’re careful, you can find the stone, without getting into the battle first. Or defeat the Armada troops and look for the stone afterwards. There’s an opening into the crate storage area. When you come to that opening, you’ll see what looks like a trap door in the floor. The stone is to the right of the trap door, near the back wall.

LaFitte’s Lair
When you enter the Lair, you’ll have to fight the first set of minions blocking the way in. Once you’ve handled them, turn left and run to the end of the tunnel. You’ll see a set of 3 crates stacked in a pyramid on the left. You’ll find the stone, behind those crates.

There’s no official map to Lafitte’s Lair. I made this one, so you can find your way.

Walkie’s Hotel
On the Isle of Fetch, you’ll be looking for 2 stones. The first will be in the Walkie’s Hotel. As you follow you missions, you’ll be sent to defeat Pura Kaal, the Boss in this area. As you enter the room, you’ll see a stage. To left of the stage is a pile of rubble. Work your way through the pile to the wall and you’ll find the stone. Oh and if you explore around the right side of the stage, you’ll find a training tome book too.

While you’re here, go to the room on the right side of the stage. You’ll find a training tome book there.

Isle of Fetch
There are a couple of areas on this isle and you won’t be able to get to them all at first. Eventually you’re sent to the far island through a sigil gate. You’ll see a row of houses on the right side of the road. Run behind the houses and head to the end of the lane. When you reach the cliff wall, you’ll see a house on your left and a fence blocking the way back to the path. The stone is laying to the left in the corner of the house and the fence.

Main Battery
After a little battling, you’ll be sent up the stairs to destroy the battery. Once you’ve learned that you can’t do it from here, don’t leave. Step out of the battery alcove and run to the end of the hallway to the right. At the end of the circular hall, you’ll find the stone laying in the right side corner.

The Wreck of the Victory
This stone is not easy to get to, so be sure you look for it before you leave the dungeon. Once you have fought the Armada troops, you’ll finally come face to face with Rook. But you still won’t be able to get to the stone. You have to defeat Rook first. Then you’ll be able to run up the stairs to the port (left) side of the stern (rear) of the ship. There you’ll find the last Rolling Stone.

Good Luck or Congratulations For Finding All The Rolling Stones!

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