Quest Journal – The Tower of Moo Manchu

The Tower of Moo Manchu

The Tower Battle of Agony

By far this quest is the hardest in all the spiral, at least as of this writing. There are 10 levels to get through, 9 of which have bad guys. And of course the top-level is where you find the biggest bad guy of all, Moo Manchu and his toughest minions. Most of the minions throughout the tower are level 55 and up. Moo Manchu himself, is level 65.

These are not easy battles and I have yet to get through the entire tower in less than 2 hours. Yes, I said 2 hours. That’s if all the players in the team are level 65 and up. There’s a reason most gamers suggest not taking on the Tower unless you’re over level 60, and some suggest waiting until level 65. More on that later in the team up.

But the gold you can accumulate in the tower, is staggering! With 4 players, you can find 150,000 to 200,000 pieces of gold. Or more, depending on how many Treasure Bath doubloons you and your team can drop during a battle. And then there’s the coveted badges! More on that later.

First, you have to find the quest, as it’s not part of the main quests through MooShu. And there are quests that you’ll have to complete first. Starting with the Manchurian Candidate and ending with defeating Moo Manchu in the Tomb of Kow Cheng.

These quests include:
– The Moo Manchurian Candidate (given by Lord Chagatai)
– The Enemy Unmasked (given by Governor Umeboshi)
– Emperor Moo (given by Quan-shi)

You’ll also need to complete The Great And The Powerful Turtle quest. In addition, you will also need to be a level 50 Pirate or higher. Which I’d be surprised if you weren’t a level 50 something by the time you summon the Great and Powerful turtle with the turtle balls.

With all those requirements met, you can then get the tower quest in one of  two ways. You can go to Avery’s Court and talk to Mickey Dugan for A Call for Help quest. He will send you to Lord Chagata in Subata. Or since you’re already in Subata after the Turtle Ball quests, you can go directly to Lord Chagata for The Shadow of Moo Manchu quest.  Eventually you’ll end up talking to the librarian Quan-Shi, located in the Library of Contemplation and your adventure to the tower begins.

The Tower Location
The Tower is located in the Paths of Penance. It’s an ominous looking place to say the least. But you can easily find it through the snow and ice.

To Team Up or Go It Alone?
My first time through the tower, I went alone. If you have enough minion doubloons, you can get as far Level 8 where you meet the Nefarious Five. I’ve never been able to get through there alone, or with 1 additional player. 3 players, sometimes we’ve made it through, other times everyone gets killed. It’s just luck with 3 players if you can make it through or not.

And then there’s timing. Here’s two examples of how teaming up helps.
A few weeks ago my new Witchdoctor took on the tower. I requested a Team up and the 3 captains who joined me were level 69 and the other 2 were level 70. We had no problem completing the tower, thanks to their help. And we made it through in just under 2 hours.

Last night, my sister and nice asked for help completing the tower. My new Witchdoctor, now a level 59, my sisters captain, a level 61 Buccaneer, my niece’s captain is a level 57 Musketeer, and my level 70 Swashbuckler went into the tower. We were almost beaten on several levels, but made it through with a few sacrificed crew members along the way. Shows the importance of keeping your crew trained up! And we made it through to defeating Moo Manchu in just under 4 hours. Yes, 4 hours!

The best answer is: YES, TEAM UP!

The problem with Teaming up, sometimes you can’t be guaranteed to have all the other players sticking it through to the end and helping to defeat Moo Manchu. I really despise it when people team up for the Tower and then leave everyone else hanging after the Nefarious Five. It’s happened to me, a lot!

However, if your team defeats the Five and someone leaves, three and even two remaining Pirates can get to Moo Manchu. And with the right planning, you can even have a chance at defeating him. Given that one or better, that both of you have a lot of health doubloons and healing powers.

Still, if you can go in with a full Team, I’d strongly suggest it. Many high level Pirates often team up for the tower to earn gold and to work toward the special badges that go with defeating Moo Manchu multiple times. Personally, I often run through the Tower, as it’s a good place to acquire a lot of gold in a short amount of time. It’s a good way to keep your crew trained up by earning gold to purchase crew training tomes.

Moo Manchu Battle Badges
As with many of the badges in Pirate101, if you defeat Moo Manchu several times you can earn unique and coveted badges. But, in order to claim a Moo Manchu battle badge, you must complete the entire tower and defeat Moo Manchu.

More to come.
I’m working on it.

After your first victory, you’ll receive the Tower Titan badge, yeah! After you defeat Manchu a second time, you’ll receive the Pagoda Paragon badge, with a victory count displayed under the badge, woohoo! But the badge will be locked, until you’re victories 10 times.

Here’s a list of the Moo Manchu Badges:

  1. The Nefarious 6th – Defeat the Nefarious Five while under the effects of Moo Manchu’s Elixir.
    This is one of the first badges you can earn in the tower.You MUST defeat Moo to earn these:
  2. Tower Titan – Defeat Moo Manchu 1 time
  3. Pagoda Paragon – Defeat Moo Manchu 10 times
  4. Charmbreaker – Defeat Moo Manchu 25 times
  5. Manchu Champion – Defeat Moo Manchu 50 times
  6. Master of Moo – Defeat Moo Manchu 100 times

Defeating The Nefarious Five, Getting the Nefarious Sixth Badge – & A Warning
One of the badges that many Pirates like to claim, is the Nefarious Sixth Badge. When you reach Level 8 of the tower, your quest is to defeat the Nefarious 5. These are 5 previous Captains who fell under Moo Manchu’s spell. They are now possessed Captains.  And it takes 4 players to defeat them. I suggest not worrying about the Nefarious Sixth badge on your first run through the tower. There’s a reason for that…but let’s focus on defeating them first.

The biggest tip for this battle, is to make sure you’ve picked up some Jack Rabbit Juju doubloons through your previous battles, before you enter the Tower. You enter this fight with only your Captain and First Mate. That’s it. But with 4 players, and 4 First Mates, it should be enough to win the battle. Your Pet might also join the battle, and then you might also want to use your “Summon a Minion” doubloons as well. The more the merrier.

Try to arrange your doubloons so the Jack Rabbit coin, restoring health coins and all your summon a minion coins are in the first few rows of your doubloons; (Use the P key to bring up your powers, than use the top scroll arrow to move to your doubloons page. Grab a doubloon with your left mouse button then drag and drop it to the location in your doubloon list where you want it to reside). The Jack Rabbit Juju doubloon will help you get in a few shots, before one of the Nefarious Five has a chance to attack you.

Doubloon tip: Did you know you can right click a doubloon and remove it from the pop-up section. The next time your doubloons come up, different coins will fill those spots. It’s an easy way to remove the doubloons that may not help you in the current battle, and bring doubloons that can help.

Captain Scarlet Hawkins
  ~ The Nefarious Sixth ~

The Nefarious Sixth
As I mentioned, when you first go through this battle, I suggest you just focus on winning the battle. This quest is hard enough without worrying about the Nefarious badge.

As you enter the 8th level, Moo Manchu offers you an enticement to join his team. All you have to do is drink the elixir.

Once you begin the battle, you’ll see a dragon statue in the middle of the room. He’s holding the elixir in his mouth, it appears as a glowing green bottle. To get the elixir, you need to be the first player to hit that statue. You have to destroy the statue (hit it once) before one of the Nefarious Five Captains is killed in order to grab the elixir.

To attain the badge however, the rest of your team has to be able to win this battle. The problem is, your Captain now fights for the other side and the team must defeat you too. You do retain control over your First Mate though. So you can help.

If you’re going to try for this badge, you should remove ALL your armor and use a weaker weapon before you go into this level. That will make it easier for your team members to kill you. If you and your team defeat the Nefarious Five, you’ll need to put your high level equipment back on to complete the rest of the tower.

I have 3 Level 70 Captains who are all working on the Tower badges. After playing a number of times, and sharing tips with other players, there’s some things we have learned in completing this battle. Focus on the Privateer and Witchdoctor first. They can heal the entire Nefarious Five during the battle, charm you and your team, and they can summon minions to fight for their side. Taking them out first, makes it easier to defeat the remaining Nefarious Captains.

Once you’ve won the battle, and if you decided to grab the Nefarious 6th badge, you’ll be able given the same Nefarious eyes as the other possessed Captains once you equip that badge. See the picture above, of my possessed Captain Scarlet Hawkins.

The Warning
Here’s the bad news. Once you have the Nefarious Five badge, Moo Manchu can turn you into his minion at any time. So when your team reaches Level 10 to face off against Moo Manchu himself, you could be turned to attack your other team members. The chances of being Charmed go up, if you’ve equipped the Nefarious Sixth badge as well.

– Make sure the companions you’re going to take with you are trained up to their highest level.
– Keep at least 6 companions free (not working on Orders) for combat.
– Enter the Tower with a full Team.
– Use Jack Rabbit Juju doubloons for facing off against the Nefarious Five.
– Use “Summon a minion” doubloons through out all the levels.
– Use Treasure Bath doubloons to increase your treasure throughout the tower.
– Defeat the Privateer and Witchdoctor Captains first.

Our friends over at Pirates Unite, have a great set of tips that are well worth checking out. See their Twelve Tower Tips for more information.

And visit our friends over at the Duelest101’s for their tips Tower of Moo Manchu in an Hour.

The Tower – The 10 Levels
For each level of the tower, you’ll have a “Find Moo Manchu” quest. When you enter the tower and when you move to the next floor, the mission will change to “Defeat…” and the enemy you’ll have to face. You must defeat all the enemies in order to move on to the next level.

Level 1
Find Moo Manchu
Defeat Pig Raider
The Pigs are the easy part of the tower. Defeat them and move on.

Level 2
Find Moo Manchu
Defeat Pig Necromancer
There’s an added danger on this level, spikes in the floor. The spikes shoot up and hit with about 200 points of damage. That’s a lot if you’re going to run across the floor to meet the bad guys face to face. So let the bad guys come to you. Musketeer companions are also a good idea for this floor. So arrange your crew accordingly, before you enter.

Level 3
Find Moo Manchu
Defeat Pig Crossbowman
There are 5 gold statues on this floor. If you break one, it turns into a possessed dog. Be careful using your multiple attack powers, such as dropping a bomb, or Witchdoctor spells that hit a wide area. You should also unequip your Pets. They have a tendency to attack the statues.

Level 4
Find Moo Manchu
Defeat Pig Necromancer
The Flames of Corruption spread through this floor from the corners, causing damage to and your companions like wild-fire. I truly hate this level. My suggestion is, quickly get off the carpet, run to the middle of the battleboard and attack the bad guys as soon as possible. Shooters are also good for this level. Not all the bad guys will leave their side of the carpet and you’ll have to run through flames to defeat them.

Level 5
A floor of Yum. Whew. If there’s not enough Yum for everyone, wait around a few moments in the room and more will appear. You can also run back down to this level from the higher levels if you need to replenish your life.

Level 6
Find Moo Manchu
Defeat Corrupted Dragon
You’re not just fighting dragons here, so choose your best fighters for this battle. Stick to regular battle tactics and gang up on each creature to knock them off one at a time.

Level 7
Find Moo Manchu
Defeat Corrupted Ronin
These guys aren’t easy, so if someone on the team has a Jack Rabbit Juju doubloon, use it!

Level 8
Find Moo Manchu
Defeat The Nefarious Five
The Five possessed Captains are level 65 pirates and there’s one for each pirate class.  Use your doubloons! Healing, Jack Rabbit Juju and Summon a minion doubloons are most helpful. As are shield doubloons. Here’s where you really need to work as a team, healing each other and focusing on one possessed Captain at a time.

Level 9
Find Moo Manchu
Defeat Terror-cotta Warrior
Another floor I really don’t like! The Terror-cotta Warriors will come after you and your team. If you can slow them down, or push them back, it will give you time to face them one at a time or at a more staggered level. Again, work as a team!
– Try to keep everyone on your team against the back wall of the battle board, so the warriors can’t surround you.
– The warriors explode when defeated. They will cause damage to your when they do.
– Don’t go to them, let them come to you.

Level 10
Find Moo Manchu
Defeat Moo Manchu
You can’t defeat Moo, until you have defeated ALL of his minions.
Between you and Moo Manchu are his minions and stationary Warrior statues. The best thing to do is let the minions come to you. Moo Manchu can freeze you in place, so letting the minions come to you will allow you to still hit them, while they’re standing right next to you. Send one or two of your musketeer class companions along the side walls of the battle board, to go after Moo. They’ll get hit on the way by the statues, but they’ll get to the corners on either side of Moo. From there, they should be able to at least get a few hits on him. Here too, you want to use your doubloons!

Our friends over at Stars of the Spiral have a great page on the creatures of each floor of the Tower. Check them out: Tower of Moo Manchu.

Good luck!

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