Dressing Your Pirate – Stitching

Stitching and Unstitching Gear

While creating your pirate captain, you have the opportunity to pick their style and dress them the way you’d like to look. this is the first Gear you receive for your pirate. But that pirate gear eventually gets replaced as you pick up new items through battles and purchase. You’re able to buy new gear with gold, which you collect as a reward for winning a battle. But you can also purchase gear through the Crown Shop. But that Crown gear will cost you real money. You can also collect gear through the Pirate 101 booster packs: the Prepaid Game Cards.

Our pirates have gone through a wide range of looks.

The Captains of A Pirates Portal
(Left to Right: Aedan Hawkins, Garrett Hawkins, Scarlett Hawkins, Sabrina Moone, Victoria Hobbes, Garrett Hobbes, Victoria Bristol, Victoria Stuart, Garrett Hornigold

Eloise Merryweather, The Seamstress

Our attire come from a variety of the sources available to every player. The Bazaar, Vendors, Booster packs and the Crown Shop. Picking up new and more powerful gear through battles is great for helping you play the game. But sometimes you don’t want to lose that favorite hat, or those cool boots that you like best. Well you don’t have to.

Enter, Ms. Eloise Merryweather, the Seamstress!
Where ever you find Prospector Zeke for his lost item quests, you’ll also find Ms. Eloise. And if you like your Pirate Captain attire, she can help you keep it. She will stitch and unstitch gear for you, at a price of course. But she only takes Crowns. So this will cost you real money.

Stitching will cost you 100 Crowns to sew gear you like, with gear that gives you greater powers/stats. And 100 Crowns to take apart the gear you like, with old gear that no longer have the powers you need.

Ms. Eloise Charges 100 Crowns for her work

Victoria Hawkins

This is better explained in pictures, so let’s look at what Ms. Eloise can do. The pirate to the left, is my Level 63 Witchdoctor, Captain Victoria Hawkins.

I love her hat! Who wouldn’t want a nice leather hat with a big plume? Her coat and pants match her Flag and the boots, well, I colored those to match her mount, the Winter Wolf. Yeah I know, I’m a girl.

You don’t have to be a girl to want your outfit to look good, represent your banner colors and more to the point, to represent your personal style.

That hat however, is for a level 5 pirate called the Wracker’s Plume. It has +6 health, +5 strength and +2 base armor. Not much for a level 63 Captain. But the hat is stitched with a level 50 hat called the Swindler’s Cap. Its power is +5 weapon power, +57 health, and +9 in base armor. Yeah, I need to buy some new gear. But go with it here.

Ms. Eloise can help you keep that look you want for your Captain, while still applying better and higher powered gear for the battles befitting the level of your Captain. Find Ms. Eloise in whatever world you’re in after you’ve purchased new gear. I usually visit her outside the Skull Island Bazaar.

Eloise can stitch hats, coats/pants, boots, weapons and eye patches.

Gear you can stitch and unstitch

Stitching Gear
To stitch gear, select the thimble on the left of the Stitching panel. On the far right you’ll see the items you have in your backpack on the top section of the panel. It will also show you which hat you currently have equipped.

Selecting Your Gear

On the top, select the hat that you want your gear to look like under “Choose the Appearance”. In my case, that’s the hat with the big plume. In the selection below, under Choose Stats, select the hat that has the powers you want to be applied to your stitched hat.

Choose Your Stats

If you place your cursor over the hat you don’t have equipped, the panel will show you the side by side comparison. In this case, I want the hat with the plume to have the stats of the Macedonian Helmet. Once you click on the hat with the stats, you can click the Create button at the bottom of the window panel.

Ms. Eloise will show you the items you’ve chosen and what it will look like after she stitches it together. Are you sure you have selected the right items? Remember this will cost you 100 Crowns. If you’re sure you want to spend the crowns and combine these items, click Stitch It!

Stitch It

Now your helmet looks like a hat. You still have to open your backpack and equip the newly stitched hat. So be careful you don’t stitch and run, only to accidentally sell the hat you want to wear.

Un-stitching Gear
I try to save my gear purchases and only buy new gear every 10 levels. That’s just me, but I’d rather spend my gold on promoting my crew or improving my ship’s gear. Everyone has their own preference, so pick what works for you. When you do buy new gear, you’ll have to unstitch the items you have, so you can stitch the new gear with your favorite appearance.

Click on the scissors on the left of the panel. On the right side, you’ll see the items you already have stitched. Even if you have the item equipped, you can still unstitch it.

Unstitching Gear

When you select the item to unstitch, the panel will show you the two hats you’ll have in your backpack when the work is done. If you’re sure this is what you want to unstitch, click the Separate button.

Separate the stitched items

Regardless of which gear item you’re stitching or unstitching, you’ll be asked to confirm what you’re doing before you spend the Crowns. And the panel on the left will reflect the gear you currently have equipped when the stitching and unstitching are complete. A nice reminder that you still have to go into your backpack to equip the items you want.


I suggest you empty your backpack as much as possible before stitching. That way you can make sure you’re only dealing with 3 items in the selections. The gear you have, the gear whose stats you want and the gear whose appearance you prefer. It makes stitching a little less confusing. And when I’m spending real money, ie: Crowns, I don’t like anything to be even slightest bit confusing.

One other thing I like about stitching, the gear you like doesn’t have to be specific to your Pirate’s class. One of my pirates, a Witchdoctor has a hat that’s exclusive to the Buccaneers (the Buccaneer hat has that red X over it, indicating it’s not usable for my Captain). But I can still select the look of that hat and stitch it with a hat that is usable for my Pirate Class.

Stitch Gear from other Pirate Classes

Having a Pirate you like to look at is part of role playing. I’m not a helmet kind of person, and while I love being a Witchdoctor, I’m not fond of all the gear that go with that Pirate Class. So I enjoy switching up gear and giving my Captains that classic pirate attire. Thankfully, Ms. Eloise gives us the option to do that. Enjoy!

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