Selling Gear: The Bazaar & The Vendors

Harvey Deuce
The Bazaar Trader

Where and How To Buy and Sell Your Gear

You’ve had your first battles and earned a few rewards. Or your backpack is full and you need to sell some loot. Or maybe you want to purchase some new gear, or training tomes for your crew and you need some gold. Whatever your reason, it’s time to sell some of the loot you’ve collected.

There are various ways to sell items. At the Bazaar, at a gear Vendor, or to a Free Trader. But hold up before you go hitting that Sell button. Are you sure your selling that item in the right place? Are you getting the best price for your loot? You mean you didn’t know there was a difference? Yep, there is.

Not all place will give you the same amount of gold for your loot. Like any merchandizing business, there’s a supply and demand component to the Pirate Spiral. And while it’s might be easy and convenient to sell all your loot in one place, you’re not doing yourself any favors by dumping your backpack in one place. It’s worth it to shop around a little.

Let’s take a look at how the Bazaar buys your loot.
Below is a typical Bazaar Sales window/panel. Have you ever noticed that “In stock:”  banner? Do you pay attention to what it says? If not, you might want to start looking at it. Here in the Hat department, we’ve selected the last hat in my backpack. There are 198 other Loyal Samurai’s War Helm in the Bazaar shop. So Harvey is willing to buy your hat for 395 pieces of gold.

Bazaar Sales Department

Now as it happens, that means this hat isn’t rare, but it’s not overstocked either. If you took your hat to the Outfit Vendor and the Free Trader, you’ll probably get the exact same amount for your Samuai’s War Helm.

Selling outside the Bazaar

But if the item you’re trying to sell is a rare item in the Bazaar, well that difference in price can a make a huge difference. Check out the Palmist’s Jacket for instance. There’s only 1 In Stock at the Bazaar, making it a rare item. While the Vendor and Free Trader will offer you 651 pieces of gold for your jacket, Harvey is anxious to buy your coat for a whopping 2.169 pieces of gold.

Of course that means the opposite is true too. The more an item is overstocked in the Bazaar, the better price you’ll get from a Vendor who doesn’t worry about the space in his warehouse. In this case Harvey has plenty of the Gyoja’s Helm in stock, so he’s only interested in buying yours for 182 pieces of gold. But over at the Outfit Vendor, you can pick up a cool 341 pieces of gold for your trouble.

Overstocked Items

The more items Harvey has in stock at the Bazaar, the less money you’re going to get for your loot. It’s simply supply and demand economics.

The Easiest Way To Sell Loot
Now that you have an understanding of how the Bazaar buys and sells, that doesn’t mean you have to check prices for every single item you have at the Bazaar and then run across the street to the Outfit Vendor to compare prices. When your backpack is full, that’s a pain in the rear.

So what do you do?
I’ve found that if Harvey has 200 or more of the item I’m trying to sell, it’s not worth it to sell the loot to him. So my cut-off number is 200.

Where ever you are in the spiral, mark you spot, then teleport to Skull Island and head down to the Bazaar. Check your items with Harvey and pay attention to how many he has In Stock. If it’s less than 200, sell it to him. At the very least, you’ll get the same price as if you sold to a vendor. If it’s more than 200, skip that item and go through the rest of your backpack looking for more of the rare items you’ve picked up.

When you’ve sold Harvey all your rare loot, run across the street to the Outfit Vendor and sell the remaining items to him. This way you’ll maximize all your collected loot and fill your chest to the brim.

You can use this same trading plan with your Ship, Housing and Pet Food items as well. If you have a piece of Ship equipment that Harvey has overstocked in his warehouse, like this Engineer’s Wheel, it’s worth it to run down to the Skull Island Ship Part Vendor and sell your items to him. Harvey will give you 395 pieces of gold, but the Vendor will pay you 955.

You can sell your Housing items to the Housing Vendor standing beside The Kraken Skulls Tavern. But you’ll have to make the effort to head over to Circus Maximus and sell those overstocked items to the Pet Snack Vendor.

Buying Gear
These same principles work for buying gear too. If Harvey has a rare item, he’s going to charge you a high penny to buy it. But you can find items in the Bazaar, that you can’t find from a vendor. And if it’s a rare item, you might lose the chance to snag it, if you go back to a Vendor in the world you’re currently fighting in to see if you can purchase the same item there, for less gold.

If you know you want to upgrade your gear, either for your Pirate or you Ship, check with the Vendors in the world you’re in, before you go back to Skull Island. That way you miss an opportunity and you could keep a little more gold in your chest too.

Happy Shopping!

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