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The Pirate101 Test Realm Observations

Pirate101 Test RealmGetting Started In The Test Realm
August 31, 2018 – Updated September 7, 2018

Entering the test realm, you’ll notice that your entire crew will need to be trained. One thing that doesn’t transfer between the Live realm and the Test Realm are the talent settings for your crew. So be for warned. The first thing you’ll need to do once you enter, is to set the talents for your Crew members.

If you’re a level 70 Captain, that’s a lot of crew folks. You might want to simply set your first two or three rows, on your first crew page and leave it at that. But one member you’ll need to set for sure, is Old Scratch. Continue reading

P101 Test Realm – OPEN!

Pirate101 Test RealmPirate Updates In The Test Realm

Yesterday, August 30, 2018, KingsIsle announced the Pirate 101 Test Realm is open for players who would like to see and test out over 1,000 updates to the game. Join players in testing a new promotion quest, quest finder feature, new skeleton key bosses, more inventory room, new pet names and many more updates. More information concerning the updates can be found on the Pirate 101 Forum.

How Does It Work
If you’ve been to the test realm before, login as usual and the updates will be applied, just like when you log into the live game. Be patient while the new updates are added! Continue reading