The Pirate101 Test Realm Observations

Pirate101 Test RealmGetting Started In The Test Realm
August 31, 2018 – Updated September 7, 2018

Entering the test realm, you’ll notice that your entire crew will need to be trained. One thing that doesn’t transfer between the Live realm and the Test Realm are the talent settings for your crew. So be for warned. The first thing you’ll need to do once you enter, is to set the talents for your Crew members.

If you’re a level 70 Captain, that’s a lot of crew folks. You might want to simply set your first two or three rows, on your first crew page and leave it at that. But one member you’ll need to set for sure, is Old Scratch.

Once you’ve done that, check out Bestia and the new updates there.  Can you find the new hybrids hiding around? Or maybe you’d like to check out the new Pet Names to rename your existing pets or add a few new ones.

Obsidian Door at the Scrimshaw Docks

The World of Dreams
This world isn’t like going from Skull Island to Marleybone. It’s more like a dungeon that you can enter, exit and come back to later. You can enter on your own, or as a Team with one other Pirate or any variation of a full team.

Inside the Obsidian Door you’ll find place that looks like the many sewers of the Spiral. But corridors lead to locked doors that require Skeleton Keys. Behind these doors you’ll find old enemies who have been leveled up to “Skeleton Key Bosses”. More on that in a moment.

Anyone can step on the sigil, these battles are designed for teams. If you enter as a team, one of you needs to have a skeleton key to enter the boss door.  You can take on these bosses in a solo run, but expect it to be difficult. Or you can team up with a various number of other Pirate Captains.

Skeleton Keys

Skeleton Key

Skeleton Keys are special items needed to open the doors in the World of Dreams.  They drop from bosses level 50 and up.
Update: Changes were made in the test realm that allows you to purchase Skeleton Keys from the Crown Shop for just 1 Crown.

For the test realm, you’ll need one of these keys to open the Obsidian Door in Scrimshaw for the Old Scratch Level 70 promotion quest.

Take advantage of this being in the test realm. For your testing efforts, KI provides you with 15,000 crowns. These crowns are only available here in the test realm and what you purchase with them, will only be in this realm. They will not transfer to the Live Realm. So take advantage of this ‘gift’ while your testing out these new updates. Especially in some of these tougher battles. Buy yourself some henchmen to help you get through these new Skeleton Key Boss battles!

Skeleton Key Bosses
There are four old bosses who have been powered up to now be skeleton key bosses! These are meant for the most powerful Pirates, so bring your best crew and your exceptional fighting skills to the battle!

Brass Monkey (Count Brastillo de Brass) – a solo quest, it’s pretty easy.
Captain Blood – a Team up is best. But you certainly don’t need a full team.
Duck of Death (English Bill) – one of the tougher battles. You’ll want to team up.
Old Scratch – Companion Promotion – solo with henchmen help, or team up.

All these bosses can be found behind The Obsidian Door in Scrimshaw.

For level 70 Pirates who have promoted Old Scratch to level 70 along the way, your first quest into the World of Dreams will be his promotion to a Skeletal Shaman in the Dark Reflection quest.

Level 70 Old Scratch

The Dark Reflection quest.
Like all Companion Promotions, this is not going to be easy.  Talk to Scratch in a tavern cellar, he’ll tell you about his problem and tell you to talk with Vadima. Once you do, she’ll give you the first Obsidian Skeleton Key.

Now head on over to Scrimshaw and look for the new Obsidian Door on the far side of the Docks. The first time I went through the door and battled the Dark entities, I was defeated miserably. This is not an easy battle. But what Level 70 Companion Promotions are?

This is one of those battles that you really want help with. Either with a large number of minion doubloons or hiring a Crown Henchmen or two.  Or Team Up with a friend or two.

We entered the World of Dreams together on the sigil. Only one of us needed a skeleton key to get through the door. We did have to Join a Group with each other, in order to get beyond the Boss door together.

In this battle the Dark Reflection Scratch will call death minions to his aid and you can quickly be out numbered. The more people are in your team, the more Dead he will call to help him. So you want to defeat the Dark Reflection Scratch as quickly as possible and then pick off the rest of the minions.

If you are defeated in this battle, use the button to return to the dungeon so you don’t need another skeleton key. If you have to leave the battle and can’t get back to it until later, you’ll need another key to get through the door. Buy one in the Crown Shop and get back to it.

Before you start these new battles, check out some of the other new features in the crown shop. You might need a bigger backpack for the new items you’re about to find in these new quests.

Crown Shop Elixirs
There are several new and interesting elixirs you might want to take note of, that can help you pick up and hold onto more loot than normal!

To use the Bric-A-Brac elixir, you’ll first need to jump to your house or Captain’s cabin, which ever one you want to apply the elixir to. From there, purchase the elixir. You’ll have to jump out of the location and come back for it to take effect.

Along with the house elixirs, your pirate can collect and store a whole treasure trove worth of new loot!

The Quest Finder
The new Quest Finder can help you anywhere in the game, at any level to find any quest you may have missed. Open your backpack and select the “Quest Finder” from your quest page and you’ll be given directions to the nearest quests in your area.

New Quests
It’s worth it to travel to each world and look for new quests with the Quest Finder. I used the Teleporters and started with the last world I’ve been to, Florenza.

Here I found two new quests.
Strike Force takes you back into the Crab Tunnels to destroy some Armada guards who have been designed to be artisan craftsmen.

I’m working on Aragon in 60 Seconds. So stay tuned.

Look for Other Updates
One thing I did find interesting, are the updates to the Calabria Skyway. There have been minor updates to this area map for quite some time. When I had first arrived, there were a number of Storm Gates, but not all of them had a name. Little by little, names have been attached to these gates.

For those of you who haven’t noticed, or those who haven’t been to Florenza yet, here’s a section of the map you might be interested in.

Polaris isn’t in this update. But at least we know it’s coming. Last rumor I heard, there’s a big update coming in 2019. We’ll have to wait and see how true that rumor is.

Protect Your Booty
I really like this feature that’s been added to the backpack!
I’ve received items from a battle that I haven’t been able to use yet. I used to put these things in my Bank back at the house so I didn’t accidentally sell them. Now, you’ll find a new button at the bottom of your backpack to protect items you want to keep safe from being sold.

Here’s the Pet section of My Backpack. I have 4 pets currently, that I’m training up. Typically you can’t sell items in your backpack that you have equipped. But if you cycle through your pets, you could release your favorite pet and accidentally sell it. Now you simply select the item or pet you want to protect, click the Protection button and you shouldn’t have to worry again.

Protecting Your Booty

Member Benefits – Special Events
It’s good to be a member! The Royals at KingsIsle are introducing limited time membership benefits as a thanks for being a member of Pirate101. These will turn on occasionally for special events, so stay tuned to the Pirate101 social media accounts for announcements on when they’ll be available. Or keep an eye on your Pirate101 screen, when a member benefit is active, you’ll see a new icon below the member chat menu option.

Other Updates
Additional updates have been made to improve stability, performance, and various fixes. You can find a list of all these in the update notice.

Update: Sept. 09, 2018
These updates have gone LIVE!
Check the Game Update Notes!

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