Quest Journal – The Machine

The Battle To Face Kane

Your final battle with Kane takes place in Florenza. But of course it’s not as easy as walking in and facing him one on one. You know Kane isn’t going to play that game.

It’s not an easy battle, but it’s not as difficult as the Moo Manchu Tower either. Still it helps to be prepared and there are a few tips and tricks to winning this final Kane quest.

You don’t have to run around to find this Quest, it’s part of the storyline. You’ll be sent to find the creator of Kane, Gazpaccio. At the end of his quest, Gazpaccio will ask you to take him to the Machine Docks and the Razing Kane quest begins. The first step of the quest is to Escort Gazpaccio to The Machine Docks.

The Machine Docks will look familiar, you’ve had battles in similar areas of the Armada’s big machine. Thankfully you won’t have to fight your way to the dungeon sigil though. You’ve had help with that from an unlikely friend. Phule, the court jester. Phule has discovered that he too will be destroyed by Kane’s grand plan. So he’s decided to help you out.

Like Moo Manchu’s Tower there are preparations to be made.
– Make sure you have all your blue potion bottles full and ready to go.
– Of course you want to start with full health too.
– Arrange your powers and doubloons before you enter. Get your healing and minion doubloons up front.

Team Up or Go It Alone
While working on the Kane Badges, I’ve faced Kane alone, with one other player, a 3 player team and a full team. Of course the full team is the best option for defeating Kane and his family. But you can make it through the three levels of this quest with fewer players. It takes a lot of minion doubloons, and/or hiring henchmen. I’ve heard about others facing Kane alone and winning. Frankly I don’t know how that’s possible. But ok. I’ve not been able to do it.

At a minimum I suggest facing Kane with a 3 player team. But if I had my choice, I’d go with a Full Team every time.

Speaking of Time, this quest doesn’t take as long as Moo’s Tower either. I’ve been able to get in and out in an hour. Depending on who you’re teaming up with, that may vary. The longest I’ve been in this dungeon is 1.5 hours.

You can pick up some nice loot from this quest. It’s not as lucrative as Moo’s Tower, but it’s not as long and hard as the tower either. You can also pick up some pretty nice gear that I’ve NEVER seen in the Crown Shop or any other shop for that matter. And of course, the bigger team you go in with, the more loot you’re likely to pick up.

The Badges
There are four badges to win for defeating Kane.

The Battles Begin
There are 3 levels and 3 battles to complete.
– The first battle is with Kane’s Guard in the Control Room.
– The second is again with Kane’s Guard in the upper level of the Control Room.
– The third and final battle is with Kane himself, and his “family”.

You’ll enter the Machine Core through a dungeon sigil. Down an elevator you’ll be privy to a conversation between Kane and his creator Gazpaccio. And then you’ll get to your first battle.

Level 1 – Defeat Kane’s Guard
This is a typical Armada guard battle. There’s nothing special about it really. You’ll face Armada Marines, Armada Musketeers, Battle Angels and the dreaded Armada Dragoons.  They range in difficulty from Level 64 to 67.

Machine Control

Level 2 – Defeat The Machine
Take the stairs to the upper level of the Control Room to destroy the Machine. You’ll face more of Kane’s Guards, but you don’t have to kill them. So don’t waste your time, if you don’t have to. They will come to attack you and your crew of course. But your goal here is to defeat the Machine.

There are 3 Machine Controls on this level. One to the left, one to the right and one far in the back.

The two on the sides are relatively easy to destroy. Your Contessa Argento can take out one of these on her own, if you use her attack power.

The control in the back is a bit tougher, primarily because it’s surrounded by Kane’s Guards. Many of which who have the Hold The Line power, so you can’t just run by them.  Those Captain powers you may have, that can reach across the room, come in very handy here. Having some shooters on your crew will also speed this up. Once all 3 of the control boxes are destroyed, this battle is over.

Level 3 – Defeat Kane
Onward to the final level where you’ll face Kane and his family. In addition to Kane, you’ll find Kane has created a Queen, his children Deacon and Rooke have been restored, and there’s two of each of them. There is also two Bishops and a line of Armada Marines that will stand before them.

From left to right
Rooke, Deacon, Bishop, The Queen, Kane, Bishop 2, Deacon 2, Rooke 2

You’ll notice that this battle takes place on a Chessboard. And that’s going to be important as your enemies begin to battle you and your crew.

Let’s start with Kane. Like a King in chess he can only move one space at a time. But he also has the ability to castle with Rooke (more on that in a second). Kane possesses the Frenzy talent, so once he starts hitting you, he won’t stop until he misses. And he’s pretty powerful, so he can kill your Pirate or your Crew member in one turn. Ugh!

Rooke seems to be Kane’s favorite child. If you or a crew member hit one of the Rookes, Kane will teleport to an empty square next to him to “castle” his child. Once there he’ll turn his attention on whoever hit him, and anyone else standing within his reach.

Like Moo in the Tower, you can’t kill Kane until you have defeated the rest of his family first. You can hit him and do damage. But he will retain 1 life point, until everyone else in his family has been destroyed.

The Queen is by far the most dangerous member of the family. Like the Queen in chess, she has free reign over the entire board. She can restore the health of her family and like Kane, she can take you out in one turn with her Assassin’s Strike which is always guaranteed to be critical. She should be the first on your list to defeat!

Usually she runs across the board to greet you face to face. But I’ve also seen her move to the corners on her side of the board, where she is then castled (protected) by one of the Rookes, a Bishop and several Marines. Making her harder to destroy in the early rounds of the battle.

Armada Marine

Hopefully, she’ll run across the board and come to you for a fight. Gang up on her, so you can take her out in one turn.

Next up for your focus of attack, that should be centered on the Armada Marines. They’re the pawns in this game and just like in Chess if they reach your side of the board, they will transform and become Queens. That’s a very bad thing!

One Queen was bad enough, but facing three or more Queens all at the same time! I’m not sure how we won that battle, but we managed to do. If I recall correctly, only one of our team Captains had a Crew member left. Just one. But Whew! It was great to have a full team that day!!

The Bishops and Deacons are fairly familiar opponents. Gang up on them and you’ll defeat them easily. The Bishops of course have their talent to summon constructs throughout the fight. You don’t have to destroy them in order to defeat Kane, so don’t waste your time. Reserve your hits for the family.

As I mentioned earlier, this battle takes place on a chess board. But the battle board includes an additional row of battle spots. When you look at the board, you’ll notice a wooden frame around the chessboard flooring.

The Chessboard Flooring

The Battle board includes that frame and allows you to position yourself and your crew on the edge of the chessboard.  This is generally where you and some of your crew will begin the battle. But if you’ll notice in the image below, Kane and his family begin the battle on the actual chessboard, not on the edge of the battle board. And you need to do the same thing!

On the actual battle board, you’ll see an open space at the top of the board, just below the blue dot and in front of pirate Mike. That open space is on the chessboard. Leaving it open could allow one of the Armada Marines to occupy that spot, where they can transform into a queen.

So when you begin the battle, make sure that this first row on the chess board, is completely occupied by you or one of your crew. And don’t vacate those spaces UNTIL all the Marines have been defeated. Once that’s complete, you can move any where you need to.

The Battle Board

If all those first row chessboard spaces are occupied, you can remain in the back on the battle board, or move to the sides. If you look at the battle board picture above, at the bottom, you’ll notice that Ratbeard and Bonnie are going to move to the two spaces along the wooden boarder. This helps to keep you from being surrounded and attacked from the back.

– If your team has a Privateer, let that Captain go into the battle First!
That way, all their Privateer heals will be first up during each turn.
– Your first hits should be reserved for taking out the Queen as quickly as possible!
– Don’t leave an empty space on the first row of the chessboard on your side of the battle board!
– Once the Queen has been destroyed, focus on the Armada Marines. Let them come to you!
– When the Marines have all been defeated, go after the rest of the family, but not the Rookes.
– Save the Rookes and Kane for last if you can.
– When you take on Rooke, if you can hit him when there’s no open space that can reach you,
Kane won’t be able to castle to him, and turn his attack on you. He’ll just castle to the nearest spot to Rooke.
– Use your Minions and Doubloons!
– If you buy a Henchman, you might want to choose Loyal Lin Kang, a Level 40 Privateer. She has a team heal right up front to revive you and your crews. She may not be great for the overall battle. But she can heal up everyone enough for other Captain’s or Crew mates to revive you long enough to get away, or to take greater advantage of other healings. You might need more than 1 …. or 3 of her.

A Call From Beyond – Use The Crystals
Once Kane has been defeated, you’ll receive a quest to Use the Crystals. When you do, your Mom and Dad will talk to you again from the great beyond. They’ll try to encourage you to abandon your quest for finding El Dorado. ……… Yeah, like that’s going to work.

Don’t JUMP back to Skull Island!
A couple of times when I’ve teleported back to Skull Island from inside this dungeon, I didn’t collect the badge for defeating Kane. I think this glitch has been fixed. You should be able to see your badge progress right after Kane and his family were conquered. But I’m not taking any chances. I just go out the dungeon door the way I came in. Then you can jump back to Skull Island from the Machine Docks.

Exit The Dungeon
On your first trip through this quest, you’ll want to go out the exit back to the Machine Docks anyway. On the way out, at the dungeon door to the Machine Docks, you’ll find a training tome book. Just to the right of the door as you exit.

The Finale – The Final Countdown
After you’ve completed the Machine quests, you’ll be able to complete the Final Countdown quest. Return to Avery’s office and give him the good news. He’ll encourage you to keep looking for El Dorado…….some day.

As soon as you’ve finished talking to Avery, you’ll be treated to an intriguing puppet show.

Is this really the end of the Armada? ……. I don’t think so!

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