Worlds In The Stormgate

Captain Victoria Bristol
My *Pioneer Buccaneer

Traveling Between Worlds

While you’re sailing through the spiral, you will come across different skyways within a single world. For instance, in Skull Island you’ll travel through the Skull Island skyway, but you’ll also visit the Tradewinds Skyway, Flotsom Skyway and the Port Regal Skyway. These skyways are all within the world of Skull Island.

During your travels you will come across Windstones that provide you with a key to activate Stormgates. Windstones were first discovered by the people of Valencia, who used them to travel through the otherwise impassable Stormgates.  They are powerful crystals that come in a variety of colors. And they are required to enter the Stormgates.

Stormgates are openings between worlds. These areas also have windlanes that take you from the gate of one world to another. And you’ll find beasties and enemy ships, along with a few treasures in these areas as well.

You’ll also notice a few world bubbles floating around in the sky of these stargates. Some you are probably familiar with. But some you spy, might be new worlds that have not yet been released by the Royals at KingsIsle.

As you’re traveling around the Stargates, don’t forget to look around. You might see something that gives you hint of what might be coming soon in the Spiral. Here’s a chart for the worlds I’ve seen floating in the stargates. Some I know and some I haven’t the faintest clue. Maybe you’ve seen these too.

Skull Island of course.
The land of Pirates.
You begin your journey in this world. No Windstone is required.
It includes: Skull Island, Flotsam, Tradewinds, and Port Regal Skyways

Monquesta, the land of the Monkeys and Gorillas.
Requires a Violet Windstone
It includes: Tierra Primata Skyway

Dragonspyre, for now it’s just a fiery wasteland.
Full of danger and drakes.
Requires an Indigo Windstone
It includes: Avernus Skyway
Valencia / Florenza
The land of Unicorns and the Home Base of the Armada.
Requires an Indigo Windstone
It includes: Aragon, Calabria, and the Andalusian Skyways (Andalusian is inaccessible for now).
Cool Ranch
The land of the Buffalo, Goats and Horses. With a few Toads, Frogs and Ghosts.
Requires a Blue Windstone
It includes: Cooper’s Roost, Big Sky, Arroyo Grande, Santo Pollo, Tumbleweed and Haunted Skyways

Land of the Moodha, Ninja Steers and Cows
Requires a Green Windstone
It includes: Hamamitsu, Khotan and Subata Skyways

Isle of Dogs / Marleybone
The land of Dogs and a few dastardly cats, both big and small.
Requires a Yellow Windstone
It includes: Westminster Skyway

The land of the Eagles, Snakes and mythological beasts
Requires a Yellow Windstone
It includes: Achaean Way, and Ithaca Skyways

The land of the Crock and Desert Dwellers
What else might lay upon this land?

The land of Bears.
Now I think this Grizzleheim. It sure looks like it might be.

Could this be the cold land of Polaris?
The land of Penguins and other frozen creatures?

The Tree
I have no idea what this one might be. It reminds me of Wizard City in Wizard101. But could it be Zafaria?

Might this be Darkmoor?

Now this one was hard. I saw this land floating around. But it never came close enough to see what it is. I took a picture and used my photoshop package to zoom in. It looks interesting. If the Tree isn’t Zafaria, might this be it instead?

* Pioneer Captains
If you were one of the lucky few that acquired a game key for the test realm when Pirate101 was in Beta, you were given a few special gifts from the Royals at KingsIsle when the game rolled out Live. One of these items was a Pioneer eye patch, which you can see in Captain Bristol’s picture above.

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