The World Of Dreams

Obsidian Door at the Scrimshaw Docks

Skeleton Key Bosses

This world isn’t like going from Skull Island to Marleybone. It’s more like a dungeon that you can enter, exit and come back to over and over again.

The World of Dreams begins at the Obsidian Door on the Scrimshaw Docks. Once you’ve docked, run to the right of the ships and head over to the Dock Warehouses. At the end of the row of the buildings, you’ll the doorway and sigil.

Inside the Obsidian Door you’ll find a place that looks like the many sewers of the Spiral. But these corridors lead to some spooky locked doors that require a Skeleton Key to open them. Behind these doors you’ll find old enemies who have been leveled up to “Skeleton Key Bosses”.

Anyone can step on the sigil, these battles are designed for teams.  If you enter as a team, one of you will need to have a skeleton key so everyone can enter the boss door.  You can take on these bosses in a solo run, but expect it to be difficult. Or you can team up with a various number of other Pirate Captains and take on the Bosses together.

Skeleton Key

Skeleton Keys – Drop Locations

Skeleton Keys are special housing items needed to open the doors inside the World of Dreams.  They drop from bosses level 50 and up.  The following is a list where you can find these keys.

  • Haywire Marine – part of the Ashes of the Armada quest Port Regal
  • Master Pig Necromancer – The Tower of Moo Manchu
  • Faithless Josef Hawkins – One of the Nefarious Five
  • Ancient Corrupted Dragon – The Tower of Moo Manchu
  • Captain Blood – Nightmare – World of Dreams
  • Old Scratch – Nightmare – World of Dreams, Level 70 Promotion
  • Crab Thug – Crab Tunnels in Florenza
  • Armada Marine – The Machine Docks
  • Kane – The Machine

For the most advanced Captains who achieved level 70 prior to the introduction of the World of Dreams in August 2018, your first introduction to this new realm will be to meet up with Old Scratch for his Level 70 promotion quest.  And you’ll get a skeleton key from Vadima as part of the quest.

Once you’ve completed that quest. Go back and face off with the other Skeleton Key Bosses.

For Captains who have not reached these higher levels prior to the introduction. I’m assuming for now, that you will receive a quest that takes you to the Obsidian door when you reach Level 50. I have a Buccaneer who is about to reach that level, so I’ll let you know what happens when she levels up.

Some of these quests are pretty tough battles. So you might want to buy yourself some henchmen to help you conquer a few of these Skeleton Key Bosses!

Skeleton Key Bosses
There are four old bosses who have been powered up to now be skeleton key bosses! These are meant for the most powerful Pirates, so bring your best crew and your exceptional fighting skills to the battle!

All these bosses can be found behind The Obsidian Door in Scrimshaw.

Brass Monkey (Count Brastillo de Brass) – a solo quest, it’s pretty easy.
Captain Blood – a Team up is best. But you certainly don’t need a full team.
Duck of Death (English Bill) – one of the tougher battles. You’ll want to team up.
Old Scratch – Companion Promotion – solo with henchmen help, or team up.

The Royals at KingsIsle have promised to add new Bosses in the future. So stay tuned.

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