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Buying Help

Occasionally you may get into a battle that just seems a little too tough to overcome or win. Never fear, you can buy some help through the Crown Shop in the midst of that battle.

Henchmen are short time workers, for a specific battle. When you buy a henchman you have the option of purchasing one of these workers who is on any level available to your Captain.

Henchmen are available in every class of Pirate. You’ll find Musketeer and Witchdoctor henchmen. You’ll find henchmen starting at level 5, up to the highest level available (currently Level 70). These henchmen come with the same powers as any Pirate class Captain of that level. So the powers of your Witchdoctor Level 40 Captain, will be the powers you see assigned to the Witchdoctor Level 40 henchmen.

When you purchase a Henchman from the Crown Shop, they become another member of your crew. You can move them on the battleboard where you want, and you select their power to use, just like any other Companion member of your crew.

To buy a henchmen, you must first be in an active battle. You’ll see your Captain and your available crew at the bottom of the screen. There’s also an empty space at the end of that row.

If you click on that empty crew space, with the plus sign over its hat, you’ll bring up the Henchmen page from the Crown Shop.  Regardless of the level of your Pirate Captain, you can purchase any level of henchmen, even if their level is higher than yours.

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Your time to view the henchmen is limited by the normal battle clock. So you must act quickly. You will not be charged any crowns until you click the BUY button for the displayed henchmen. In the image above, clicking BUY would purchase Bold Antonio Garbaldi, the Buccaneer.  They will appear in your crew list and the battle clock will be rest so you can give orders to your entire crew for this round in the battle.

Available Henchmen
If you want to see the available henchmen, what powers and talents they have available, you can look at them anytime in the Crown Shop. You just can’t buy them when you’re outside a battle. Here are the current Henchmen available at this time (Showing all henchmen up to level 70).

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