Right Click It!

Right-Click It!

Scrolling Through Powers and Doubloons During Battles

Occasionally you may get into a battle and need a certain specific power on the battleboard. But it’s not displayed in your list of powers at the bottom of the screen. Oh no, now what?

The same thing can happen with your doubloons. Whither you are in a battle alone or in a Team-up, you can have a list of doubloons, and none of them will help you in the current battle round. Argh, where is that minion doubloon when you need it most!?

Did you know you can Right-Click one or more power or one or more doubloon buttons to move them out of the way for that one turn? Then on your next turn, you will have a new power or doubloon from your backpack, pop up in its place!

Here’s an example.
Here is an image of your available powers during Round 1 of a battle:

If you place your pointer over one or more of the listed powers and right click it, that power will disappear.

In Round 2 of the battle for your next turn, that space will be filled with a new power in your list. You can’t control which power will show up, but it at least gives you a chance to bring up the power you’re looking for.

You can do the same thing when you’re in a battle, and you’re looking for a helpful doubloon. If you don’t like any of the doubloons provided in a battle, you can right-click on one or all of the doubloons displayed (if you’re in a team up). This will free up the doubloon space for that round. In your next turn, a new doubloon will appear in that space (or spaces), for you to select in that battle 2nd battle round.

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Hope this helps to make the most of your next battles!

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