Ashes Of The Armada

Armada Companions

Every weekend I take a little time to look at the stats for A Pirates Portal. What articles are popular, what folks are searching for and so on. Over the past 2 weeks, I noticed a lot of visits to the Portal are coming from searches for Armada Companions.

So let me help you all out real quick.
You’re looking for the Ashes of the Armada Booster Pack. And you can purchase the pack, in the Crown Shop!

Ashes of the Armada Possible Companions

Ashes Of The Armada Pack Story:
Kane is defeated, and the Armada is shattered! Clockwork generals run amok through the Spiral, and the triumphant Resistance has succeeded in reprogramming damaged Armada troops, creating “haywire” clockworks to join forces with your fellow Pirates. This newest gamecard pack is full of epic Armada loot, and your Pirate has a chance to gain cool new items like:

  • Haywire Battle Angel Companion
  • Haywire Musketeer Companion
  • Haywire Dragoon Companion
  • Haywire Marine Companion
  • Kraven Blade Weapon
  • Draconis Banner Weapon
  • Gargoyle Shield Weapon
  • Orb of Nefarious Death Weapon
  • Housing items from all over the Spiral and more!

From the Ashes of the Armada Pack announcement!

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