Skeleton Key Locations

Stone Skeleton Key

Wooden, Stone, Gold & Obsidian Skeleton Keys

Skeleton Keys are used to open locked doors around the Skyways that have challenging bosses inside them.  They are special Housing Items, that can be found in your backpack under the Wall Hangings section of your Housing Items.  Once you use a key to open a locked door, the key is removed from your backpack.

Introduced to the Pirate Spiral in August 2018, the Obsidian Skeleton Keys are needed to open the doors inside the World of Dreams. Occasionally the Royals at KingsIsle will also provide Skeleton dungeons for special events or occasions.

For instance, on November 30th, we were introduced to the Krampus Skeleton dungeon for the 2018 Yuletide holiday season.  And three new Skeleton Keys were introduced to unlock content in the Krampus Lobby, using a Wooden Skeleton Key, Stone Skeleton Key, and a Gold Skeleton Key to enter dungeons based on your Pirate Captain’s Level.

When the Obsidian keys were initially introduced, they were simply called an “Obsidian Key” (like the one pictured above). As I mentioned, the new 2018 Yuletide keys, define a level of difficulty for the dungeon they are to be used in. These keys will drop from level appropriate enemies throughout the Yuletide season or promotional event. Additionally, all the Skeleton Keys will only drop from Battle Board combat, not from sinking ships.

The Levels Of Skeleton Keys

  • Wooden Skeleton Keys –
    The lowest level keys, these are used to fight Skeleton Bosses that can be found in the lower level areas of the Pirate Spiral. These enemies will be below Level 49.
  • Stone Skeleton Keys –
    The mid-range Skeleton keys, used to fight level 50+ Skeleton Bosses.
  • Gold Skeleton Keys –
    High range keys, used to fight level 70+ Skeleton Bosses.
  • Obsidian Keys –
    These are still used in the dungeons located in the World of Dreams. The Bosses and enemies there, are level 70+.

Skeleton Key Locations
There are many places around the spiral to find enemies who will drop these special keys. I’ll do my best to keep the list updated, but you can always find information about these keys on Pirate101 Central’s Housing Item page for Obsidian Skeleton Key.

You’ll find enemies in specific locations that you must defeat for a chance to pick up a dropped key. Or you’ll find a specific enemy who may be in different locations, where they will drop a key.

For instance, you can defeat any Armada Marine in the three locations listed in Marleybone for a chance at a dropped key.

 Or, you can defeated any of the enemies listed, within the Tower of Moo Manchu, for a chance at a dropped key.

I’ve tried to make this distinction in the list below. So enemies are listed either by their location, or by the enemy to defeat and where you might find them.

Skull Island Scrimshaw Docks The World of Dreams

  • Defeat Nightmare Old Scratch
  • Defeat Nightmare Captain Blood
  • Defeat Nightmare Count Brastillo de Brass
  • Defeat Nightmare English Bill
  • Defeat Black Annie Rackham
  • Defeat Vernimius Blightbeard

Flotsam – Ratfink’s Hideout

  • Defeat Ratfink

Defeat any Haywire Marine at:

  • Port Regal – Ashes of the Armada Dock
Mooshu Kita Dock – Sujimura Village

– Sato’s Audience Chamber

  • Defeat Sato

Windy Dock – Lake of the Rising Sun – Lake Floor – Heshen’s Dojo

  • Defeat Heshen the Blue Oni

Path of Penance – Tower of Mooshu

  • Defeat Ancient Corrupted Dragons
  • Defeat Faithless Josef Hawkins  (One of the Nefarious Five)
  • Defeat Master Pig Crossbowman
  • Defeat Master Pig Necromancer
Marleybone Westminster Skyway

  • Defeat any Sky Gar (fish)

Defeat any Radical Fox at:

  • The Isle of Dogs – MacCavity’s Garret
  • The Isle of Dogs – Mechanic’s Lab
  • Isle of Dogs’ Sewers
  • Isle of Dogs’ Sewers – Underdog’s Lair
  • Isle of Dogs’ Sewers – Radicals’ Lair
  • Isle of Dogs’ Sewers – Secret Tunnel
  • Isle of Fetch – Underworld Stronghold

Isle of Dogs’ Sewers

– Defeat any Crokatator at:

  • Isle of Dogs’ Sewers
  • Isle of Dogs’ Sewers – The Crokogarten

– Secret Tunnel

  • Defeat Captain Swing

– Robin Oig’s Lair

  • Defeat Robin Oig’s

Isle of Fetch – Airedale Pier – Walkie’s Hotel

  • Defeat Havadar
  • Defeat Midna Sowar

Defeat any Armada Marine at:

  • Beachhead Docks
  • Isle of Fetch – Armada Landing Craft
  • The Wreck of the Victory

Defeat Bishop at: 

  • The Main Battery
  • Battery Engineering
Aquila Nova Aquila

– House of Brutus Maximus

  • Defeat Brutus Maximus


Defeat any Manticore at:

  • Achaea – Satyr Grove
  • Satyr Grove – Axwar’s Lair
  • Satyr Grove – Manticore Cave

Defeat any Stymphalian Bird at:

  • Stygia
  • Magnesia – Ruins

– Magnesia

  • Defeat Any Centaur


– Defeat Any Ettin at:

  • Illios
  • Illios – Cave of Thunder
  • Illios – Pitch Bright Cave

– Defeat any Ophidian Flame Dancer at:

  • Illios
  • Illios – Temple of the Fire Cult
  • Illios -Actor’s Cave
  • Illios -Chyrissida’s Cave

– Temple of the Fire Cult

  • Sssiva the Flame Dancer

Defeat any Leastrygonean Breakstuff at:

  • Leastrygon
  • Leastrygon – Cave of Artakia
  • Leastrygon – Yoomad Cave

Achaean Way – The Ship Kerberos

  • Defeat Captain Pluton


– Palace of Ulysses

  • Defeat Antinous
  • Defeat Praetorian
Florenza Defeat any Crab Thugs at:

  • Crab Tunnels
  • Crab Tunnels – Rigatoni Caves

The Machine

– The Machine Docks

  • Defeat any Armada Marine

–  The Machine Control Room

  • Defeat Kane

Good luck!

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