Quest Journal – Nightmare Captain Blood

Nightmare Captain Blood
In the World of Dreams

In the first release of the World of Dreams, in August 2018, the Royals at KingsIsle introduced Four new Nightmare Boss battles. These battles are intensely difficult and designed for top-level players and as team up opportunities.  Captain Blood is one of these nightmare challenges.

Pirates first face off with Captain Blood in the Haunted Skyway on the isle of Miranda. During one of my favorite puppet shows, the Dead Man’s Hand, Pirates learn about Blood’s last request from his death bed, to play a hand of poker with Death. Having a gambling problem, Death agrees.

In the final hand, Blood raises the stakes and wagers his immortal soul. Death of course agrees, that’s when Blood cheats. Death placed his cards on the table, but Blood left the table and never came back to play his hand. Now the game is in a state of Limbo. The result is, it’s your quest is to find all the cards dealt to Blood, along with the bones of his lost hand. With his own hand, you will be able to lay the cards on the table at the Old Sippin’ Saloon in Miranda and send Blood into Death’s domain. Of course once you have played Blood’s hand, you must defeat Blood before his soul can be sent on its way with Death.

The Nightmare Battle
The battle with Blood in the World of Dreams, is based on that battle in Miranda. Head over to Scrimshaw Docks and step on the sigil at the Obsidian Door into the World of Dreams. Once inside, you’ll need an Obsidian key to get through the locked doorway where Captain Blood is standing. Once inside, the battle room will look exactly like the Old Sippin’ Saloon.  And Blood will be waiting, surrounded by his usual Skeletal Pirate crew.

The elements of the first battle are utilized in the Nightmare version, but at a higher and more destructive level. Blood will still use his Blood Flames to drop devastating fires around the battleboard, so watch out for those. If you walk through one, it’s enough to kill you from the beginning.  And upon being attacked, Blood will call for more of his minions to assist in the battle.

Blood himself will be Level 79, and his initial minions range from Level 77 to 79. When we played with a team of 3, we faced 2 Undead Corsair minions, and 2 Skeletal Crossbowman minions. The more members you have on your team, the more of these opponents you’ll face.

Like all of these Nightmare battles, Captain Blood will be immune until you destroy all of his minions. And that includes the Dead Spirits he will call, during the battle. So not only will he call his usual minions, he will also summon additional spirits to help in the battle.

When he summons these spirits, how many appear will depend on how many members are on your team. With 3 players, Blood summoned two of these at a time.

The first time he summons these spirits, you’ll face off with the green Evil Spirits. The second time he summons the spirits, you’ll face the Helephant Destroyers. He will alternate who he calls from there on out.

Throughout the battle, you can do damage to Captain Blood, but you won’t be able to kill him. We focused all our efforts on his crew, and then on the spirits. It wasn’t an easy battle, we each lost at least two of our crew companions. But if you work together and focus your efforts on one or two of Blood’s Crew at a time, you can pick them off fairly quickly. And then focus on Blood himself.

Once you have defeated Bill and won the battle, you’ll find an initial badge in your backpack. Keep finding Obsidian keys and defeat these Nightmare Bosses over and over again to attain the Collection badge for this battle! For Captain Blood, you’ll receive the Obsidian Ante Up badge to start with.

I’m assuming that, like all Collection badges, once you’ve defeated a Boss 10 times, you’ll be presented with a new Collection badge to defeat the boss 25 times and so on. Much like the badges for defeating Moo Manchu. So keep battling!

Good luck!

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