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Quest Journal – Nightmare Brass Monkey

Count Brastillo de Brass
– The Brass Monkey

Nightmare Count Brastillo de Brass
In The World of Dreams

In the first release of the World of Dreams, in August 2018, the Royals at KingsIsle introduced Four new Nightmare Boss battles. These battles are intensely difficult and designed for top-level players and as team up opportunities. The Brass Monkey is one of these nightmare challenges.

Like all of the Nightmare battles, you will need an Obsidian Key to enter the Count’s battle room inside the World of Dreams.

Pirates first face off with the Brass Monkey in the Tradewinds Skyway inside The Antilles Maelstrom. You face off with him in order to gain entry into Port Regal, when he’s a Level 26 foe.

The Nightmare Battle
The battle with the Brass Monkey in the World of Dreams, is based on that initial battle.  But don’t think that makes his Obsidian battle a piece of cake. He has some special talents that can easily defeat a Pirate Captain and their crew. Continue reading

12 Days of the Spiral – Day 5, 2018

Armada Haywire Dragoon

12 Days Of The Spiral’s Yuletide Holiday Giveaway

From now through December 18th, the Royals at KingsIsle will be celebrating the 12 Days of the Spiral for 2018!

The Royals of KingsIsle are in the U.S.’s Central Time Zone, and the new celebrations are usually released at 9am their time. That’s 10am U.S. Eastern.

Day 5:
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