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Every Pirate wants to brag about their conquests and treasures. Here in Pirate101, your Captain can do all the bragging you desire! With your own Pirate Badges!

Pirates can earn badges by accomplishing great feats, like defeating powerful bosses, discovering new skyways or treasures, or taking on numerous enemies, such as Skull Island Troggies or Armada Troops.

Every badge you earn grants you a title that appears under your name, when you equip the badge. Like the one to the right for my Level 70 Captain, Scarlet Hawkins, Kane’s Nemesis.

Each time you earn a badge, text will appear in the middle of the screen letting you know which accomplishment you achieved. You’ll also receive a notification, in your notification window (just hit enter at anytime and anywhere in the game, and your chat/notification window will appear).

There are 7 different types of badges: Quest, General, Unit, Exploration, Combat, Collection, and Smuggling badges.

You can learn more about these individual badges at Pirate101 Central’s Basic Badges wiki.

Your accumulated badges are stored in your backpack. Press B on your keyboard to bring up your Backpack. Look at the icon menu running down the left side of your backpack. You’re probably familiar with the Backpack, Companion and Pets icons. But just above the Companions is the badges section of your backpack.

When you first open your Badges window, it will display the first menu option (running across the top of the window) to display All Your Badges. And the badge you have equipped will appear at the top. As you progress through the game, you can pick up a large number of badges. My Level 70 pirate, has 25 pages of badges.

So if you’re looking for a specific badge, use the menu icons at the top of the window. It will significantly narrow down the list. Your badges are cumulative. As you progress through the game, your badges will be added to the end of your badge list. If you’re looking for a badge that you earned in Mooshu, it will be with all your other Mooshu badges. If you’re looking for a badge that you received in the last world you were in, there’s a good bet, it will be on the last page of list. It might be easier for you to go to that last page, and scroll backward to find it.

The badges with the Locks over their name, are badges you’ve started, but cannot equip until you achieve the maximum requirement. For instance, in the above picture you’ll see the “Lord of the Apes” badge, with the lock. This means my Pirate Captain has defeated Gortez at least once. But to equip this badge, my Captain will need to defeat Gortez 24 more times.

Quest Badges
Many of your quests, will give you a badge when they have been completed. For instance, when you complete the Regatta quest, you’re given a Champion badge. But you can also attain a badge for  completing a series of quests, like the one below for the Callabrian Completionist.

General Badges
General badges are acquired through general play of the game. For instance, the first time you Team up with other players, you’ll be given a “Team Player” badge. Each time you team up, a counter will follow your progress and accumulate each completed exercise of teaming up.

When you reach the maximum for the initial badge, you’ll be given another badge to continue tracking the number of times you’ve completed the task. This happens with all the cumulative badges, like these Combat badges from defeating Kane:

Unit Badges
Your Companions have their own set of badges too. Each time you promote certain crew members, you can acquire a bade. Like this one for Old Scratch.

Exploration Badges
Exploration badges help you brag about finding places or things throughout the sky way. They cover special places in each world, like the Tavern Crawler. Or they can help you brag about finding special items, or special items that only show up in the Skyway now and then. Like the Frosty Voyager, which you can only find during the Yule season.

Combat Badges
My favorite set of badges! Pirates spend a lot of time battling foes throughout the Skyway. Ever wonder how many Clockworks you’ve destroyed? Or perhaps you enjoy taking on Ninja Pigs in Mooshu. Or perhaps Moo Manchu is your favorite Boss to defeat. All these battles can provide you with coveted badges for bragging rights.

Collection Badges
You can also attain badges for collecting things around the Spiral. Do you know how many Treasure Chests you’ve found and collected? Your Collection badges will tell you.

Smuggling Badges
For those who are interested in the Smuggling missions, you have a collection of badges to achieve as well. I only have one.  But there are at least 6 Smuggling badges you can acquire. You can check them out on Pirate Central’s Smuggling Badge wiki.

Champions & Masters
There are many Champion and Masters badges to work toward. One of the badges I highly value, is the “Master of Moo” Combat Badge. To achieve this, a Captain needs to defeat Moo Manchu 100 times in the Tower of Moo Manchu in Mooshu.

All of these badges are fun to work toward and give your Captain some very big bragging rights. And it’s something to do while we’re all waiting for the next world update to Pirate Spiral. So don’t get impatient or frustrated waiting for the next new worlds. That’s not going to make the Royals at KingsIsle work faster. Just be patient, pick a Badge that you’d love to have for your Pirate Captain and start working to acquire it. Work toward a Team Up badge, or Defeat Kane at The Machine 100 times to attain The Bane of Kane badge.

If you have more than one Pirate Captain, you can work toward one coveted badge on one Pirate, maybe you’d like to be the Bane of Kane too. And then word toward another badge on the other Captain, perhaps you’d like to be the Master of Moo as well!

Good luck Pirate

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