12 Days of the Spiral – Day 9, 2018

12 Days Of The Spiral’s Yuletide Holiday Giveaway

From now through December 18th, the Royals at KingsIsle will be celebrating the 12 Days of the Spiral for 2018!

The Royals of KingsIsle are in the U.S.’s Central Time Zone, and the new celebrations are usually released at 9am their time. That’s 10am U.S. Eastern.

Day 9:
New Holiday Ice-Cycle Mount!
Slide into adventure on the new Ice-Cycle mount, now available in the Crown Shop! Roll through Skull Island on this chilly cycle and enjoy a +40% speed boost!

You’ll need 4,500 Crowns to purchase this mount, so head over to Pirate101.com and Buy some Crowns.  While you’re in the Crown Shop, check out all the returned Holiday items, like the Spirits of Yule Set booster pack, the Holiday Giving Mounts and many more of your favorites!

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