Quest Journal – Black Annie Rackham

Black Annie Rackham

Nightmare Black Annie Rackham
In The World of Dreams

In the second release of the World of Dreams, in October 2019, the Royals at KingsIsle introduced Two new Nightmare Boss battles.  These battles are not for the faint of heart!

I believe this release for these bosses are intended for Pirates at level 78 and higher, due to the levels of the bosses. They can appear at level 79 to 82. So these battles are intensely difficult and designed for top-level players and as team up opportunities. This is one of these nightmare challenges.

Like all of the Nightmare battles, you will need an Obsidian Key to enter Black Annie’s battle room inside the World of Dreams.

The Nightmare Battle
It’s worth reading the Creature page for Black Annie Rackham on Pirate101.Central’s website. She’s going to be TOUGH! This battle is definitely for a full team.

When you first enter the room, it should look pretty familiar. It reminds me of one of the sewer dungeons in Marleybone. You’ll have time to double check your crew before you begin the battle. Make sure your life is full, you have plenty of potion and you’ve arranged your doubloons and talents. You’re going to need them.

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On the other side of those boxes in the middle of the room is Black Annie. As you approach, she’ll talk to you.

And the battle will begin. You’ll be able to pick the crew members you’ll want to go into battle with. I suggest shooters and privateers. But that’s just me.

Like most of the nightmare battles, there will be obstacles in your way. And you’ll face off with Black Annie, who can be Level 80 to 82. She’ll be joined by several minions. The more members you have on your team, the more of these opponents you’ll face. The Radical Foxes will surround Annie, along with the Steam trunks. Those trunks aren’t so easily destroyed either. Moving to greet you when you arrive on the battle board are the Mutt Fetchers.


Annie and her Radical Foxes will be on the far side of the board. She can shoot you from where she is. She can also revive any and all of her minions. If you stand where you are on the first round of battle, the Foxes will drop bombs on you and in your area. If you go in by yourself, you’ll likely be killed after that first or second round from those bombs alone. So don’t stay where you are. Spread out and try to move toward Annie’s position, along the walls.

That’s as far as we’ve gotten so far. So I have no tips to share just yet. ::sigh::

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Once you have defeated Black Annie and won the battle, you’ll find an initial badge in your backpack. Keep finding Obsidian keys and defeat these Nightmare Bosses over and over again to attain the Collection badge for this battle!

I’ll post an image of the badge, as soon as we win it. 😉

I’m assuming that, like all Collection badges, once you’ve defeated a Boss 10 times, you’ll be presented with a new Collection badge to defeat the boss 25 times and so on. Much like the badges for defeating Moo Manchu. So keep battling!

Good luck!

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