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This entry was posted on November 11, 2019, in News.

A New Pirate101 Game Release?

Black Annie Rackham and Verminius Blightbeard

When Will It Roll Out? 

We’ve received a lot of email since we shared the announcement from the Royals at KingsIsle about  The New Nightmare Bosses.  We mentioned that this might be a sign of a new Game Release. And that spawned a lot of email asking when the new release will come out.

We don’t know, but there might be some confusion concerning our post. And we wanted to clear that up.

Here’s what we said on our post concerning the New Updates To The Portal:

The New Nightmare Bosses – Could this be a sign of a new game release?
The two new Obsidian bosses in the World of Dreams appear to be a roll-out for an update to come. I say this because right now, the highest level your Pirate and Crew can achieve is Level 70. And the new bosses will appear in these battles as Level 79 to Level 82. That makes me think a new game release is closer than we might think or know. It’s way over due in my opinion, but I’m hoping the wait will be worth it! Right now it’s near to impossible to beat these two new Bosses. By yourself or as a full team. We’ll have to level up, I think, to defeat Blightbeard and Black Annie. Continue reading