KingsIsle Spring Updates

Spring Has Sprung

On April 28, 2021 the Royals of KingsIsle announced a round of exciting new updates! The only problem for us Pirates, is the updates aren’t for us.

“Challenge New Bosses and Reap the Rewards in Wizard101’s Spring Update”

If you didn’t know KI had another game, they do. Wizard101 was introduced in 2008. It was the first MMO for the company and it’s also their most popular game. So they do spend a bit more time on the updates for the Wizards. If you haven’t seen the game, you might want to give it a try. It’s a lot of fun casting spells and getting into challenging duels.

If you do check it out, visit my Wizard101 blog at Victoria Fireheart’s Keep.

Sadly there hasn’t been an announcement concerning Pirate101 in quite a while. Thought there have been various updates to fix problems, smooth out a few quests and there are a number of quests that have been added here and there.

Don’t give up hope for a new major update. There are some interesting things being added to the Skyways if you pay attention. Check out our post about the Worlds In The Stormgate and see what we mean.

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