Captain’s Log

Questing News From The Spiral

A Ship’s Log, also called a Logbook or a Captain’s Log, is a book for recording a ship’s list of passengers and cargo. It can also be used to track sailing positions, weather and events of the ship and its crew on their journeys and adventures.

You can learn more about The History of the Captain’s Log in our Helpful Hints and discover information about The Spiral Date as we see it in Pirate101. It’s an interesting tale to say the least.

Now a Captains log doesn’t have to be dry and boring with lists and statistics. They can be filled with information, stories of legend and lore, along with some entertaining adventures of battles and relationships. Here we share the logs for all the Captain’s of A Pirate’s Portal.

Captain Aedan Hawkins – Swashbuckler

Captain Garrett Hawkins – Privateer

Captain Garrett Hobbes – Privateer

Captain Victoria Bristol – Swashbuckler

The Blazing Cutter VisionTek Origin Heavy Galleon

The Blazing Cutter
VisionTek Origin Heavy Galleon

Captain Scarlet Hawkins – Witchdoctor

Captain Victoria Hawkins – Buccaneer

Captain Victoria Hobbes – Musketeer

Captain Victoria Stuart – Privateer

Pirate101 Logs


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