Captain Scarlett Hawkins – Ships Log 416604.20

captnlog-sh-fcQuesting News From The Spiral

It’s been a tough journey for the crew and I. We’re beat up, banged up and immensely glad to be back in Skull Island for some much needed rest and relaxation before we had off to Cool Ranch!

After we acquired the Monkey’s Paw we returned to Puerto Mico and finished our business with the trading treaty for Captain Avery.  Little did we know that during our absence someone had been spreading rumors about the crew and I while we were in Monquista. Now we seem to be in some kind of extra danger we didn’t need!

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Captain Scarlett Hawkins – Ships Log 416603.31

Questing News From The Spiral

captnlog-sh-dsThe journey through Monquista is finally complete. I’m so glad too. There’s something about those monkey folk that the crew and I simply do not like at all. Most of them can’t be trusted and the rest, well..let’s say a bath would be a major improvement!

Along the way we picked up a few new exciting things. We received a package from KingsIsle. Seems the crown was handing out resents to folk of the realm and received a lovely jug of yum! That stuff is amazingly wonderful stuff.

And we found the cutest little yellow Marshadillow. Her name is Princess Hunter and she sure has been great in a fight. That hard shell of hers can surely pack a powerful punch! Continue reading

Captain Scarlett Hawkins – Ships Log 416603.16

Questing News From The Spiral

captnlog-sh-dsThe crew and I have been working hard through the Pirate Spiral. Not long after the New Year, we sailed to the Tradewinds Skyway to seek out a trade agreement with the Governor in Puerto Mico. A bunch of nasty untrustworthy little creatures those monkey folk are. If you ever have to have dealings with them, I strongly advise caution!

We ran some errands for a few folk in the village. Our adventures were made easier thanks to a quick visit to Scrimshaw. I was able to pick up some new cloths. But better still we found a local merchant who helped us retrofit some new equipment for the Dashing Star.

We acquired new armor, guns and sails. Temujin is really enjoying the new guns. He likes the thud sound they make when fired. I think that’s a guy thing. Though that devilish smile he gets when they fire is kind of endearing. And the new sails really make her look exceptional! Continue reading

Captain “Ruthless” Garrett Hobbes – Ships Log 416601.13

captnlog-gh-zrQuesting News From The Spiral

for this, the Thirteenth Day of January in the Four-Thousand-Sixty-Sixth Year of the Spiral

Started the Sixth off by heading to Corsair’s Cove. Had to take out an armada of Cutthroats. All I wanted to do is find the rotting bananas there. After a little batacuda fishing we beamed back to Skull Island for some training. Seems I made nautical level 4 somewhere back there and didn’t notice.

On the way out of the Kraken Skulls the sickness took us yet again. Fortunately we were safely in the Tavern. Found out someone stole Avery’s Mooshu Falcon so he sent us to get it. After a lot of run around we ended up in the tunnels to find the guy who stole it, Archer.

We took on some contract crab hunting. After a few bouts of that Mike went down. We had to beam out to Avery’s Court. Continue reading

Captain “Ruthless” Garrett Hobbes – Ships Log 416601.06

captnlog-gh-zrQuesting News From The Spiral

for this, the Sixth Day of January in the Four-Thousand-Sixty-Sixth Year of the Spiral

I had an interesting week, as Egg Shen would say. You know that old Mooshu curse? “May you have an interesting life.” To start off the day on the second, I was awakened from my comfortable sleep in my nice jail cell by a couple of officers. I’m not sure why they were looking for me. Had something to do with me being of the seed of my late parents. Oh well, I suppose the cannon shot dropping all around the fort would have woken me anyway.

Turns out that the cannon shot was precisely what they wanted me for. I met an unsavory sort name Captain Avery, who appears to be running the fort. He said I was just the man to stop the cannons the Troggies had turned on them. I read that as “expendable”.

So I figured that since returning to my nap was probably out of the question, my new first mate (by virtue of him being the only crewman I had) and I took off and made the Troggies much quieter. Since I don’t have a ship, I’m still not exactly clear on why I need a first mate. But since he’s good and smacking around frogs, I certainly don’t mind him hanging around. Continue reading

Captain Scarlett Hawkins – Ships Log 416601.05

Questing News From The Spiral

captnlog-sh-dsThe crew and I have been battling the Skull Island Skyway for some time now and we finally recovered Gunn’s Gold. What an adventure it’s been.

We picked up some new equipment in Flotsam in the Flotsam Skyway. Outfitted the ship with some armor and new cannon. Along with a new Captain’s wheel, rudder and sails. She really needed the upgrade after sitting for so long unattended on the Jonahtown Docks. But she’s looking mighty slick now!

And I Scarlett Hawkins, was promoted along the way as well. But we’ll get to that in a minute.

We found Ratbeard alright in Flotsam. The scurvy pirate burnt the map to Gunn’s Treasure before we could nab him and we had to look for clues that would lead us to Gunn’s Tomb. Continue reading