Aedan Hawkins

Captain Aedan Hawkins
Level 8 Pirate

Clumsy Aedan Hawkins

Aedan is my son’s first character in the public edition of Pirate101. He’s a recreation of all his beta pirates and he was born October 8th, 2012.

Aedan Hawkins really fits my son’s interest in soldiers. Especially those from World War I and II. He has a great love of history and the invention of muskets, rifles and cannon through the ages. His favorite weapon at the moment is his musket. He saw the musket owned by Bonnie Anne and that inspired him to track this one down and make it his own.

Captain Aedan’s Story
His first talent is being naturally spooky. Which also fits my kid well. He’s enamored with the Ghost Hunting app I have on my Android phone and is ready to go hunting with one of my friends Mr. Paul; who is a professional Ghost Hunter. So I expect interesting discoveries from Aedan Hawkins and his travels through the pirate skies!

Aedan’s parents were said to have been killed by a Squid. Egads! He was raised in Grizzleheim by the rough and tumble grizzly bears. A perfect place to raise a strong and able swashbuckler!

His ship colors are: Red and Orange

His ships flag is the sly and agile fox, where X marks the spot. Well now what other mark would a pirate have on his flag?! ‘X’ always marks the spot of treasure and riches beyond compare.

So don’t let his nickname ‘clumsy’ fool you. This Captain’s greatest talent is his ability to sneak in like a fox, unseen, unheard and unnoticed. He’ll grab your treasures and be off in a flash, before you even know he’s been there.

Current Adventures
Aedan is currently a level 8 Swashbuckler. Aedan is currently Pirating in Skull Island with his first mate, Bonnie Anne. Keep up to date with his adventures through the Captian’s Log.

Through his travels through out the Pirate spiral he has picked up a few talents along the way. Currently he has gathered a few badges, but he’s most proud of these:

  • A Pirate Adventurer
  • A Tavern Crawler
  • A Skull Mountaineer

The Daring Dodger
A Light Skiff

His ships:
Before he left beta he had acquired a nice skiff that once belonged to his parent. It was hard giving that ship up. But new adventures have brought new modes of travel. This go around he started out with a cute little raft with a better name than the first raft in beta, that one was The Lost Fool!

  • Raft – Limping Lemming
  • Light Skiff – The Daring Dodger

His Companions:
He has made alliances with several folk through the spiral. And his crew has grown to include:

  • Subodai – A Horse Barbarian – First Mate
  • Bonnie Anne – Fox Musketeer
  • Strong Nat Tew – Cat Pirate
  • Brigus Latro – Crab Thug
  • Tso Phu –Ninja Pig – A gift from solving the clues on Marco Pollo’s Map.
  • Spiny Bill Benchley – Cutthroat Pirate – A gift from the Cutthroat Bundle.

His Pets:
Companions are great to have in a fight. But having a favored pet to snuggle with, is also good to have. Aedan is pleased to have the following pets with him:

  • Scarakeet – Queen Ben (for now-we like to think of this as being short for Beneta)
    A gift from the early access of the Beta Spiral

Aedan and Squawky

His Mounts:
Aedan is proud to have the following mounts:

  • Large Parrot – He affectionately named Squawky. A reward from his early travels in the Beta Spiral.

He has two homes for now. One for business and one for escape and relaxation.

  • His Pirate quarters on Skull Island are always used when he comes to town on business.
  • Volcano Island estate to get away from the hustle and bustle of pirating around the skies.

Aedan’s Progression Through Training and Experience:

Aedan Hawkins
Level 1 Swashbuckler

Captain Aedan Hawkins
Level 8 Pirate

His Ships:

The Limping Lemming
A Functional Raft

The Daring Dodger
A Light Skiff

© 2012 A Pirate’s Portal; Springwolf, D.D., Ph.D. All Rights Reserved.

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