Aedan Travis

Clumsy Aedan Travis

Clumsy Aedan Travis
Level 5 Swashbuckler

Clumsy Aedan Travis


Aedan Travis is currently a level 5 – Swashbuckler

Aedan is my son’s first character in Pirate101. He came from the Beta Test and really fits my son’s interest in soldiers. Especially World War I and II History.

His favorite weapon at the moment is Aedan’s musket. He saw the musket owned by Bonnie Anne and that inspired him to track this one down and make it his own.

Aedan is currently Pirating in Skull Island with his first mate, Bonnie Anne.

His first talent is being naturally spooky. Which also fits my kid well. He’s enamored with the Ghost Hunting app I have on my Android phone and is ready to go hunting with one of friends Paul; who is a professional Ghost Hunter.

His ship colors are gold and read. And his pirate signature flag is a fox. Which also fits my kid. He has a natural way with ‘Kit’ like animals, such as kittens and fox kits.

Aedan's Signature Flag

Aedan’s Signature Flag

He has become:

  • A Pirate Adventurer
  • A Tavern Crawler
The Lost Fool

The Lost Fool

His ships:

  • The Lost Fool

His Pets:

  • Still To Come


  • He is currently living in her Pirate apartment in Skull Island.

More To Come

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