Victoria Bristol I

Bold Victoria BristolBold Victoria Bristol

Victoria is currently a level 8 Swashbuckler

Victoria is my second character in Pirate101. She came from the Beta Test. Different Pirate classes offer different strengths and talents. I love my Witchdoctor Sneaky Scarlet Hawkins, but I wanted to try out the Swashbucklers too. Having a pirate after my own namesake is nice too.

Victoria is currently Pirating in Skull Island on Bloody Shoals with her First Mate Subodai – A Horse Barbarian from Mooshu and her pet chameleon Cuddles.

Her ship colors are dark red or Burgundy and white.  And her pirate signature flag honors her love of swords, knives, anything that’s sharp and pointy.

Victoria's Signature Flag

Victoria’s Signature Flag

The Laughing Tiger: Skiff

The Laughing Tiger: Light Skiff

She has become:

  • A Pirate Adventurer
  • A Tavern Crawler
  • A Skull Mountaineer

Her ships:

  • The Groaning Creeper: Raft
  • The Laughing Tiger: Light Skiff

Her Companions:

  • Subodai – A Horse Barbarian – First Mate
  • Bonnie Anne – Fox Musketeer
  • Sarah Steele – Mouse Fencer
  • Gaspard De Vole – Guinea Pig Guard

Her Pets:

  • Cuddles – A Chamelon

Her Mounts:

  • Artemis – A Thunderous Kirin

Thunderous KirinHer Companions:


  • She is currently living in her Pirate apartment in Skull Island.

More To Come

Beta Groaning Creeper

The Groaning Creeper: Raft

The Laughing Tiger: Skiff

The Laughing Tiger: Light Skiff

More Ships To Come

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