Garrett Hobbes

Garrett HobbesLevel 8 Privateer

Garrett Hobbes
Level 8 Privateer

Ruthless Garrett Hobbes

Garrett Hobbes is the second pirate for the daddy person in our house. While becoming addicted to Pirate101, Garrett found himself skipping some of the side quests with his first character. He decided to create Garrett Hobbes to start again and this time, complete all the quests along the way.

If you have a new Pirate, it’s a wise idea to complete those side quests. First off, many of them are fun and if you pick up on the varying references of names or places to real world events, you might even get a little giggle.

But side quests also provide you with needed experience to level up and increase the strength and abilities of your Pirate. They also provide rewards from money, equipment and most importantly Companion training points! So take the time to complete those quests, even if they don’t help you progress through the big quests to the next world.

Captain Garrett’s Story
Garrett’s parents were said to have been Shipwrecked while traveling aboard a royal Marleybone cruiser on holiday. Hint: If you’re a pirate with your own ship, never take a cruse on someone else’s ship! He was raised in the Skull Island skyway, bouncing around from Skull Island itself to Jonah Island where he learned the skills of a privateer from Gullet Family headed by the Frogfather.

ghobbes-flagHis ship colors are: Yellow and Blue

His ships flag is an eerie blue Jolly Roger clinching a blood red rose in his gnarly teeth.

As with all Privateers, watch out for this pirate. He’ll make you think you’re getting a good deal and that it was completely your idea to give him all your treasure and gold.

Current Adventures
Garrett is currently a level 8 Privateer. He is currently Pirating in Skull Island with his first mate, Egg Shen. Keep up to date with his adventures through the Captian’s Log.

Through his travels through out the Pirate spiral he has picked up a few talents along the way. Currently he has gathered a few badges, but he’s most proud of these:

  • A Pirate Adventurer
  • A Tavern Crawler
  • A Skull Mountaineer
  • Captain Gunn’s Heir

His Companions:
He has made alliances with several folk through the spiral.

  • Egg Shen – A Goose Student
  • Bonnie Annie – Fox Musketeer
  • Ensign Emmett – Otter Musketeer
  • Nanu Nanu – Water Mole Spearman
  • Dead Mike – Undead Pirate
The Zealous RabbitLight Skiff

The Zealous Rabbit
Light Skiff

His ships:
Garrett’s ships will be sleek and mean, so watch out for them in the Pirate skyways!

  • Raft – The Grinning Sky Slug
  • Light Skiff – The Zealous Rabbit
  • Galleon – TBD

His Pets:
Companions are great to have in a fight. But having a favored pet to snuggle with, is also good to have. Garrett is pleased to have the following pets with him:

  • None yet

His Mounts:
Garrett is proud to have the following mounts:

  • None yet

He has plans for two homes, one for business and one for escape and relaxation.

  • His Pirate quarters on Skull Island are always used when he comes to town on business.
  • Vacation home TBD

Garrett’s Progression Through Training and Experience:

Garrett HobbesLevel 1 Privateer

Garrett Hobbes
Level 1 Privateer

Garrett HobbesLevel 8 Privateer

Garrett Hobbes
Level 8 Privateer

His Ships:

Grinning Sky SlugPirate Raft

Grinning Sky Slug
Pirate Raft

The Zealous RabbitLight Skiff

The Zealous Rabbit
Light Skiff

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