Victoria Bristol

Captain Victoria Bristol Level 31

Captain Victoria Bristol
Level 31 Swashbuckler

Sneaky Victoria Bristol
Victoria is currently a level 31 Swashbuckler

Victoria is my first character in the public edition of Pirate101. She’s a combination of the best parts of all my beta swashbuckler pirates. There were 4 in total. She’s technically the 5th. So she’s been my favorite character from the beginning when we were honored with a closed Beta Key.

Victoria was born October 8th, 2012 @ approximately 10:05am eastern U.S.A. 5 minutes after Pirate101 went live with their full edition for the Head Start Week. It was a very exciting moment to know you’re one of the first players into the game as it rolled out to the public.

There was no doubt that she would be the first character I created in the game. I’m going to miss her predecessors. But at least this incarnation of Victoria Bristol won’t be deleted in testing upgrades. This one is here to stay!

Victoria’s Story:
Victoria’s parents are said to have been lost in a shipwreck. Victims of a great storm in the skyways. Orphaned, she was raised in the quiet land of Mooshu. There she learned the skill of sword, knife and battle with her trusted friend and guardian Subodai!

Her ship’s colors are Burgundy (dark red) and white.

Her pirate signature flag is the wise wolf.
He honors her love of the wolf with his strength and cunning in battle. He’s loyal and dedicated to the pack, similar to how she feels for her crew. Well most of them anyway. Victoria has a tendency to howl at the moon on a bright full moon night. So what better image than the wolf to represent her ship and crew.

Current Adventures:
Victoria is currently Pirating in Port Regal with her First Mate Subodai. You can keep up to date with her adventures through the Captian’s Log.

Through her travels through out the Pirate spiral she has picked up a few talents along the way. Currently she has gathered a few badges, but she’s most proud of these:

  • A Pirate Adventurer
  • A Tavern Crawler
  • A Skull Mountaineer
  • Captain Gunn’s Heir
  • Pirate Captain
  • Once you’re a Captain…everything else is just..well bragging.
Glowing Ghost - Haunted Galleon

Glowing Ghost – Haunted Galleon

Her ships:
Before she left beta she had acquired a wonderful Galleon she named the Crimson Hound. It was hard giving that ship up. But new adventures have brought new modes of travel.

  • Raft – The Lost Fool
  • Light Skiff – The Red Hound
  • Light Skiff – The Santa Sophia
  • Light Skiff – The Valiant Beacon
  • Galleon – The Crimson Hound
  • Haunted Galleon – The Glowing Ghost

Her Companions:
She has made alliances with several folk through the spiral. Today she has 17 members in her crew:

  • Subodai – Horse Barbarion – First Mate
  • Bonnie Anne – Fox Sharpshooter
  • Wild Jim O’Leary – Cat Corsair
  • Sarah Steele – Mouse Swashbuckler
  • Lucky Jack Russell – Dog Privateer
  • Old Scratch – Undead Bokor
  • RatBeard – Rat Commander
  • Oscar Quesada – Crazy Monquistador
  • Exeter – Otter Lieutenant
  • Tall Nat Thatch – Crab Hermitvb-sugar
  • Handsome Dan – Bulldog Captain
  • Nurse Quinn – Medicine Chicken
  • Don Salavdor Perez – Monquistador Explorer
  • Froggo Villa – Salamander Backstabber
  • Shifty Cullian ames – Toreador Novillero
  • Rooster Cogburn – Chicken Lawman
  • Squinty Harvey Cobb – Weasel Gambler
  • Bob Dillon – Chicken Miner
  • Tricky Vinny – Frog Pirate

Her Pets:
Companions are great to have in a fight, but having a favored pet to snuggle with is also good to have by your side. Victoria is pleased to have the following pets with her:

  • Scarakeet – Princess Sally (for now)
    A gift from the early access of the Beta Spiral
  • Sugar – Pink Chocolope

Her Mounts:
Victoria is proud to have the following mounts:

Victoria & Artemis

  • A Thunderous Kirin  –
    Victoria proudly named him Artemis (Art-a-muss) as in the 3 Musketeer).

Victoria has several homes at the present time. Her favorite is Rake’s Lagoon. She’s currently saving up to furnish and decorate her homes in the proper decor for a Pirate Captain.

  • She maintains her Pirate quarters on Skull Island for business.
    If you need a special job done descreatly, no questions asked then you need a Pirate. Come by the office and leave a message. We’ll make sure to contact you and discuss your quest needs…for a price.
  • In the summer of 4166 (that’s 2013 for you earthlings) she acquired a gift from the Arrgggust Housing Celebration; Rake’s Lagoon – the Swashbuckler’s Island home!
  • And then there’s The Buccaneer’s Den – another gift from the Isle of Kings.

Victoria’s Progression Through Training and Experience:

Victoria Bristol
Level 1 Pirate

Captain Victoria Bristol
Level 5 Pirate

Captain Victoria Bristol
Level 10 Pirate

Captain Victoria Bristol
Level 14 Pirate

Captain Victoria Bristol
Level 17 Pirate

Victoria Bristol - Level 19

Captain Victoria Bristol
Level 19 Pirate

Captain Victoria Bristol
Level 20 Swashbuckler

Captain Victoria Bristol Level 31

Captain Victoria Bristol
Level 31 Swashbuckler

More to come

Victoria’s Ships:

The Lost Fool
A Functional Raft

The Red Hound
Light Skiff
Originally named
The Golden Falcon

The Santa Sophia
A Light Skiff

The Crimson Hound
A Heavy Galleon

Marleybone Light Skiff
The Valiant Beacon

Glowing Ghost - Haunted Galleon

Glowing Ghost – Haunted Galleon

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